Drinking water is good, but in moderation!

Drinking water

It is a board that you never get tired of repeating: drink water, especially in summer with the heat and high temperatures, it is essential, but we must not overdo it, otherwise the body tends to react negatively.

If you drink too much water you could become unacquainted, or suffer from a real addiction that causes, as a consequent effect, the need to constantly swallow liquids.

According to researchers at Whiteley Clinic in London, this wrong habit of taking too much fluid can even cause imbalances such as insomnia and blood too thin.

Drinking water
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What are the risks for water addicted?

  • We tend to sleep less and bad: when we fall asleep, our brain naturally releases an anti-diuretic hormone, ADH which serves to regulate the functioning of the kidneys and allows us to avoid getting up to pee at night. If you tend to drink too much water, the level of liquids in the body exceeds the limit, and inactivating the hormone in question.
  • You sweat more when temperatures rise and the heat is felt, you will suffer most from hyperhidrosis as the body tries to disperse heat through sweat but drinking more than necessary water increases sweating because the body tries to get rid of excess fluid
  • The blood is changed: if you drink, too much water dilutes the blood too much and you may run into an alteration of the concentration of sodium and potassium, two minerals essential to the body and its proper hydration.

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How I can fix it?

According to the National Academy of Sciences, women should drink about 2.7 liters of water a day and men even 3.7 but you should be careful also calculating the amount of (rich fruits and vegetables H20).

You can drink at any time of the day, but the ideal would be as soon as you feel thirsty, which is sent by the hypothalamus. Do it all the time, however, it alters the brain’s ability to send this signal.

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