Relationship between obesity and self-esteem

obesity and self-esteem

Obesity and self-esteem is an increasingly evident in understanding problems of eating disorders and difficulty losing weight ratio.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem can be defined as self-esteem, positive self-worth, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-care that lead to know and accept capabilities and limitations; It has to do with being and feeling valued for the simple fact exist and has nothing to do with what you have or what you can give is a matter of internal valuation that each person makes of himself.

It is a feeling that manifests itself in different ways both in the relationship with oneself and with others and with the world. Self-esteem is reflected in the behavior, is the positive attitude towards oneself, self-perception and location in the world. Is the feel entitled to live well and be part of the world they inhabit?

obesity and self-esteem
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What is Obesity?

“Abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that can be harmful to health” – WHO

“Health is a state of physical, mental and social well – being that leads to the fullness”. “Obesity is a disease and no disease is health.” So a person with obesity is a person suffering from a disease

Is there a relationship between obesity and self-esteem?

Sometimes by external issues a person forgets to procure and adequately care. It is common today that labor and social demands are very high and consumed much time and energy that you have, and how hectic day-to-day prevents in many occasions would feed and properly exercised, coupled with stress and anxiety favor the accumulation of fat in the body.

The relationship between obesity and self-esteem has to do with the relationship with oneself, since both influences the physical and emotional health, having one affects the other in different degrees depending on the history and context of each person.

Does obesity decreases self-esteem?

It is very important to identify the origin of obesity and secondary earnings taken by this condition because not for everyone obesity has the same meaning, different family roles and perceptions, each situation and each case is unique and particular. Since there are cultures where obesity is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, but in others it is considered a disease and an epidemic because it causes physical, economic and emotional difficulties.

Self-esteem will be affected by obesity in different degrees depending on the age of the person as it does not also affect an adult to a teenager or a child, sometimes children and adolescents suffer from harassment by their peers and their self-esteem severely damaged causing decreased performance and involvement in their social relations.

Relationship with oneself

Self-esteem is fragile and can be affected when obesity is suffering, even if self-esteem is low influence how to care, leading to carelessness, neglect and lack of awareness that the body is a treasure, and requires a series of care to stay healthy and fit.

A healthy self-esteem can feel good and look the best; also it leads to maintain good relations and to respond positively and assertively to challenges and opportunities way. A higher self-esteem better relationships, greater happiness, greater fullness and emptiness lower. Besides that the world is perceived realistically and lives with consistency.

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The most important relationship of the human being himself and is influenced by external factors such as the demands and requirements of standards and stereotypes imposed by society, as well as by internal factors such as emotional health. Sometimes these demands generate so much stress and anxiety that you get to forget self-care and fall in harmful behaviors such as overeating and stop exercising, causing overweight and obesity later.

An advice

The awareness that has obesity is the first part to care for and meet the physical and emotional health, then it will be necessary to implement a food plan, physical and psychotherapy activity, designed by an obesity specialist doctor, based on the origin of the obesity and lifestyle of the patient.

Obesity has a solution and you can be an active part of your recovery aside passivity, reactivity and escape to a problem that in the future will affect economic, physical, social, emotional and even working level. It is very important to consult specialists in the field as a psychotherapist, nutritionist and doctor. You are your priority, your body is the most valuable and important that you have, so: to keep it healthy.

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