Dangerous Foods for Pregnant

Care in Pregnancy

Know what foods dangerous for pregnant women are usually offered in the celebrations, to avoid them and take care of your baby are…

Meals List Dangerous for Pregnant

There are safe food and hazardous food for pregnant, or rather, for the little baby depends on mother for absolutely everything in this fragile stage of life.

Care in Pregnancy
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Is to bring a new being into the world is a pleasure, but also a great responsibility. Any future mother knows she has to care for the health of your baby at all times, so today we review the list of foods that can be dangerous for pregnant women, among the most popular dishes are usually served in celebrations and family gatherings, with friends or other occasions.

Meat and raw dishes for pregnant

Many of the foods that pregnant women should not consume revolve around raw, including meat, dairy and other. Some of the foods that are best avoided during pregnancy include tartare, carpaccio, sausage and deli, seafood, raw or undercooked eggs (yes, this includes delicious homemade mayonnaise, and “sting” cookie dough before baking), dairy (especially dairy farm or unpasteurized) and some more.

Other popular dishes also suffer the fate of these raw foods, and included in this list of dangerous foods for pregnant. These are dishes like ceviche, sushi, raw blue fish (swordfish, pike, shark, bluefin tuna and others), poke, lomi lomi, and many others.

There is also meat which is not convenient to consume during pregnancy, such as game meats that might contain traces of lead (shot), or wild fish than for its mercury content. However, an analysis that certifies the safety of these products would remove them from the list of dangerous foods for pregnant. You just inform, to eat safely.

Cooking methods unsafe

Some cooked and treated with various techniques can also be foods that you should not use if you are pregnant. These include techniques that are not conducive enough heat to remove viruses and bacteria potentially present in dishes such as smoked, canned brine or vinegar and pickles.

Drinks dangerous embarzadas

Some drinks are included in the list of dangerous foods for pregnant. It goes without saying that alcoholic beverages are never recommended for the time of gestation, although some moms under the supervision and recommendation of its specialist-doctor can consume up to half a glass of red wine or a glass of lager per day. Always consult your doctor and do not overdo the recommended maximum daily dose, for safety.

Beverages with high caffeine content are on the list of prohibited during pregnancy. You can drink coffee, tea and some sodas, but in small amounts, not exceeding 200 milligrams of caffeine per day, under prior approval of your doctor. To have in mind:

– A cup of coffee has about 103 mg of caffeine
– a can or glass of cola, between 35 and 41mg
– A glass of iced tea: a 11mg
– The black chocolate also has caffeine: about 194 mg per 40 g dark chocolate

The energy drinks, sports and artificial sodas and loaded with preservatives are not prohibited per se, but we always recommend avoiding as much as possible, so that the development of your baby is in a healthy and strong environment without undesirable aggregates the health.

Choose your meals using your criteria. That is not pasteurized or cooked through, probably will enter the list of dangerous foods for pregnant women, and is better avoiding them by the time you bring your baby with you in your belly, to keep you safe and comfortable, surrounded by love.

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