The Makeup Errors

Makeup Errors

The errors are many and often underestimated women or girls. To feel good, to be satisfied with their looks, not just follow the latest trends, not enough to have the most professional products.

Serving, of course, but the most important advice that professional makeup artists always give is to avoid making mistakes in the choice of makeup, the colors of the products. We asked Rajan Tolomei, Italian Max Factor, to help us identify the most frequent mistakes made by women in terms of make-up. Here’s what he told us.

Makeup Errors
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What is the biggest mistake in the makeup that you see in women and girls in everyday life? What is the thing that you ask the girls to avoid at all costs?

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The errors are many and often underestimated women or girls:

  • Foundation too dark compared to your complexion and above all with respect to the neck color: does not know of femininity, cleaning, freshness.
  • The unrestrained use of land, especially with no foundation . I often see the faces that after a few hours they are completely stained and spotted.
  • The use of brown mascara especially on the part of the Mediterranean and dark women. This mascara color does not shine by freshness and youth to the eye, it must be used black.
  • Using too dark lipsticks such as brown, burgundy and purple on women who have thin lips. But above all the wrong design by making a pointed shape instead of a heart shape.
  • The use of blush or too brown lands. The appearance of the face is not clear, it is not open, it is not essential and it is not fresh; indeed, it is angry and sullen.

I firmly believe that the make-up is a weapon in the hands of a woman. I believe that the make-up changes the face of a woman and that is why I am committed to providing women with the tools to be more feminine, discreet, strict, never excessive, but always luxurious and glamorous at any occasion!

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