Reduce the signs of aging and moisturize the skin with hyaluronic acid

signs of aging

A natural ingredient, now available in several formulations, with a high moisturizing power and elasticity, hyaluronic acid: the sworn enemy of wrinkles!

Foreword (to read if you are men … or uninformed women): “hyaluronic acid” is one of those big words that they know of chemical, laboratories, artificial elements, but it is a completely wrong idea! Despite the name, in fact, it is a substance naturally present in the human dermis, indeed it is thanks to the hyaluronic acid that we can show off a soft and smooth skin. At least up to a certain age …

Yes, because one of the effects of aging is the gradual reduction of the levels of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis: it is then that the skin loses elasticity and vigor, the complexion is “fading” and, above all, wrinkles (now no longer just “expression”) make their way.

For women, this can mean a significant problem, especially for self-esteem as the sentimental sphere: on one hand, in fact, 58% of men state that they act “disinterestedly” to wrinkle view a woman (and even 34% “indulgently”), it is also true that the percentage changes a lot depending on which woman it is. Thus, wrinkles are a real disorder if to them is their own half (28% of respondents) or family member (12%).

signs of aging
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All the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid in the practicality of a cream

We have to thank the Scientific and cosmetic research if today we can have beauty products based on hyaluronic acid suitable for everyday use and easy to use. With the advent of creams with hyaluronic acid, in fact, it has been placed within the reach of all a type of cosmetic to the skin by the high anti-aging power. Not only this substance from the many virtues exerts a moisturizing very useful to the maintenance of healthy skin, avoiding in particular the risk of skin dryness and irritability related to a state of dehydration. In short, a fundamental help for women and men (growing) who daily take care of their skin to 360°, without neglecting any aspect and aiming to slow down the inevitable process of aging of the skin as possible.

The hyaluronic acid as wrinkle to fight the signs of aging, for MAN or to WOMAN. To understand the magnitude of this, just think that makes use of a few cosmetic on average 6-7 times a day. Then, of course, women are the most “active” from this point of view, limiting ourselves to the female gender, the figure rises to as many as 25 daily applications of cosmetics!

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The new formulations

Let’s face it, hyaluronic acid does not come to mind, at least in the first instance, products such as creams, almost everyone thinks the filler injections, other integrators (yes, there are also those with hyaluronic acid). Mainly, this is due to the fact that once the formulations in cream were not able to ensure sufficient efficiency in terms of skin absorption, because the molecules of hyaluronic acid were too “heavy” to penetrate deep into the skin if applied with products for topical use. Today, however, the new creams almost always contain a molecular size more “light” of this element, for which provide effectiveness comparable to that of the other treatments, either against wrinkles that rehydrate the skin.

So much innovation in a sector such as cosmetics is more than justified if we think that nowadays even the medical specialists have become beauty consultants (and in this respect it is just as well, at least there would be professionals!): Statistics reveal that 11% of the patients who come to your dermatologist in our country does not strictly for reasons of health, but to get the best advice on which treatments take to have a nice, bright and toned skin. Do not think that the attitude is “excessive” according to a recent survey, more than half of women are unhappy states of their skin, complaining of redness, little skin vitality, various blemishes.

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