The best knitting stitches for beginners

There are hundreds of different knitting stitches but don’t worry if you’re just starting out on your knitting journey. You don’t have to learn them all!

The number of stitches available can seem quite daunting when you first pick up a pair of knitting needles, but there are actually just six basic stitches that you can concentrate on when starting out.

Then, all you have to worry about is deciding what to knit first. You can find all sorts of inspiration – and inspirational people – on the BBC website.

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Garter Stitch

Whether you are a complete novice to all sorts of crafts, you’ve tried a macrame kit but have never gone further than that, or you are a regular browser at sites such as, the first knitting stitch you should get to grips with is the Garter Stitch. This is the perfect stitch when you’re creating reversible or stretchy items, or you want your stitches to lie flat. It is often used in beginners’ items such as scarves and shawls. It basically involves you knitting every row.

Seed Stitch

This creates small bumps that look like seeds and is the famous ‘knit one, purl one’ pattern. It’s also reversible and creates a durable result. It is often used for edging blankets.

Stockinette Stitch

Knit a row and then purl a row to form the Stockinette Stitch. This is often used when making baby blankets and creates a classic look. It is also common when making hats and gloves.

Sand Stitch

This is a two row repeat stitching pattern with knits and purls to create neat, bumpy rows that look great when knitting everything from scarves and shawls to pillows and blankets.

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Beaded Rib Stitch

This is popular in vintage patterns and is made up of ribbing rows that are broken up by small seed stitches. This creates a really tactile texture that is ideal for scarves and blankets.

Chevron Seed Stitch

This is a four row repeat stitching pattern with pearls creating a chevron pattern. This can be used for anything from a scarf to a dress.

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