10 Tips for having a healthy and happy pregnancy

happy pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time but sometimes we do not know very well what to do, this article offers us tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

You know that you are pregnant and you are assaulted a lot of doubts. First of all, my most sincere congratulations on this new stage in your life that you can enjoy so blissfully that you and your people always remember these “short” nine months.

What is a healthy pregnancy?

A healthy and happy pregnancy is one that develops without serious setbacks and allows the mother to lead a normal life (with sensible limitations) and culminates with the birth of a baby without any disease. That yes crying, as it should be. To achieve this, you must also put something on your part.

Because, although there are some women who, for various reasons, manifest a pregnancy with different discomforts or serious pathologies, it does not have to be your case. If no medical advice prevents you, you can live a healthy pregnancy and you will remember it as a wonderful stage.

happy pregnancy
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10 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

And it is because you carry your child inside. You are gestating a new being. You are not sick, “alone”, it will change your life in a radical way. The good thing is that it will be for good. So, follow these simple tips for a healthy pregnancy, from mom to mom.

1) Do not get bogged down, do not stress, do not be afraid. Everything will be fine. Although it is normal to have doubts about how your baby will be, whether he will be born healthy or if the delivery will go normally, the terror in this situation can make you sick and even lose your baby. Live the pregnancy with fullness, with happiness, with hope and with the future father and all members of the family.

2) Go to your doctor or midwife. Do not miss an appointment. Follow their advice. Get all the analytics, reviews and ultrasounds. Sometimes, small problems are fixed that can be corrected without any problem. The advice of the midwife will help you enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy.

3) Do not smoke, nor drink, or take drugs that are not prescribed and justified. I do not mention drugs and barbarities. You do not do those things.

4) Try to maintain a balanced weight. Being overweight is not good for you or the baby. It can trigger glucose and that is dangerous. And that without counting problems of mobility, phlebitis, increased cholesterol, asphyxia … It is best not to gain more than 9 kilos. To do this, eat healthy 5 times a day. Take lots of fruits and vegetables of different colors and different types to get all the vitamins and minerals.

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5) Do not skip the supplements of folic acid or you prescribe medical staff who are caring. There are already many studies that relate the lack of this vitamin (and other micronutrients) with very serious defects.

6) Move with due precautions. Walk at least an hour a day unless you have been recommended to rest. You can do multiple exercises to maintain proper tone and weight: Pilates, swimming, specific gymnastics …

7) Take care of your physical appearance. This will make you feel beautiful, safe and happy. Do not give up. You can prepare nutritious homemade face masks for the hair, for the face and for the gut. Do not let the stretch marks invade you. They can be combated with simple remedies like almond oil or olive oil mixed with lemon. Wear your hair trimmed with natural dyes free of ammonia. Take special care, too, of the teeth that usually suffer from cavities at this stage.

8) Do not wear tight clothing. Use the specific maternity clothes from the fifth month. Watch out for belts and high heels! Wear comfortable shoes, but do not give up being beautiful.

9) If you can afford, attending some live concerts or listen to music daily. That baby likes you and you will relax. Stroke your gut and talk to him. Thus begins this special bond, even before it is born.

10) Lie on left side with head slightly raised when the gut begins be growth. If you get night anxiety, get out of bed and take a tea infusion. Do not bother with sweets!

Everything is going to go well and these weeks are going to fly!

As you can see they are all very simple and easy to follow tips, but they can help you to enjoy a healthy pregnancy that you will remember with much affection.

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