These five reasons are enough to move to the country

Moving to the countryside may be on your bucket list or it may be something you’ve never really considered before. Perhaps you’ve had many fantastic holidays in the fresh country air but have never thought of this becoming your every day. Whatever the case may be, moving to the countryside could be just the thing for you.

Why? Below are five reasons that we think are more than enough to have you packing your bags and moving out to the country.

You’re surrounded by nature

Nature is a wonderful thing. Just think how many times you’ve enjoyed a sunset or twinkling snow on holiday, what amazing hikes and rambles across meadows you’ve enjoyed just because you were on holiday. Living in the countryside can, in many ways, be exactly that. You can enjoy exploring wild forests and fields, watch wildlife, and even go foraging for wild-growing foods if that’s your passion. The main thing is that you’ll be getting lots of fresh air and vitamin D from the sunshine, and that alone is sure to boost your mood.

There’s lots of fresh air

On the note of fresh air – the countryside has lots of it. If nothing else, the past few years have shown us the huge value of being able to breathe deeply, something that is far from the case in busy cities. In the countryside, you can almost smell the cleanliness of the air and your lungs will thank you for it. Fresh air invigorates the senses and, experts say, can even save lives. Breathing in air that is less polluted works wonders at preventing illnesses. It’s no wonder royalty used to travel to the countryside to get better back in the day when medicine was less evolved.

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It’s cheaper than living in the city

Whether you’re looking to get a mortgage or rent, the countryside is far more economical than city living. And if you’re looking for joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage legal advice or any other support with your move to a countryside property, legal experts such as Parachute Law can help. You’ll also frequently find that you can get cheaper and fresher local food from nearby farmers’ markets, with the added bonus that browsing a real market is such a treat.

You’ll be part of a real community

As much as some city living can provide community – in a block of apartments, for example – nothing quite compares to being in a smaller village. Having a home in a countryside town or village usually means you really know everybody. Need sugar? Just pop around to the neighbours, literally. Communal living in this sense can be wonderful for the mind as well, as you’ll enjoy the support and genuine interest shown by those around you. It’s especially positive for young children, too.

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It’s good for the mind and body

Living in the countryside can work wonders for both your mind and body. The body is obvious, as you’ll likely be walking around a lot more, but the mind is just as important. Living away from the hustle and bustle can have a calming effect on your brain. You’ll feel less rushed and more relaxed – perfect! Ready to move yet?

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