Family Life: When women earn more than men

Women Earning

Machismo continues in the XXI century, and the fact that women earn more money than a man can be a source of conflict in many homes. How to deal with this situation?

Conflict in the couple when the woman earns more money

Although we as a society, it is inevitable to know that born and raised in a culture that takes a concept of the past, from generation to generation, “the man is the main breadwinner”. Should be the one who “brings home the bacon”, in short, the man should have a higher salary than women.

Women Earning
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This prejudice is seen in the same labor market, wage differences that seem to come from centuries ago. So when home is the woman who brings more money, problems, fights and disagreements that we must solve as soon as possible may appear.

What if my wife earns more than me?

If the couple is well defined, there is enough love and responsibility towards each other, then it should not matter who brings more money. It is important to avoid phrases and words that can hurt feelings, and remember every day not to minimize the other person by an insignificant trifle as is money.

Repeat procedures daily so some premise as effective in achieving this respect, “who earns more today, tomorrow may earn less“. Ultimately, if the home is shared, the costs will be, too.And no matter if the man or woman who will bring more, but they can meet all financial obligations and to live in peace.

My wife earns more than I: Leaving aside machismo

You can consider you vanguard of thought “XXI century” and that neither you think sexist joke. But back to that reality: You’ve been raised in a culture that he told you again and again that man is responsible for finance, to bring “home the bacon.” If not, then even if you would be setting your wife is the one who brings more money. But you do, and that is precisely the reason.

Forget that prejudice and consider together the advantages of having two incomes, or have an income coming from the lady. They can pay their obligations, maintain the home, put food on their tables, and share the household duties: not because your wife earns more money means that punish without collaborating in the cleaning and maintenance of the home, nor does it mean that it’s you who must do it alone. No matter who spent more times the broom, but the floor is clean; Similarly, no matter if the woman earns more money, but you have bills coming into our shared wallets.

Nevertheless, we know that men feel responsible, guilty and even some victims of this situation. But with an open, a lot of communication and loving respect, you’ll notice that it will bring more money home is just a blessing for all, one that ought to thank without paying attention to the name that the check is printed, but thinking themselves united as a family.

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