How to find the perfect body: 40 useful tips


Maintain training regimen every two weeks

According to research by the University of Florida, the people who changed the sport mode twice a month, more often adhered to the schedule, and better retain the motivation to exercise, than those who change plans whenever you want. And they get more pleasure from the sport and easier transferred strict schedule.

Eat after your workout

Nutritionist called the most important meal is not breakfast and snack after a workout. “A lot of girls skip meals after exercise, because I do not want to” load up just calories burned, “- says Amanda Carlson-Phillips (Amanda Carlson-Phillips), vice-president of research power athletes Program (Athletes’ Performance and Core Performance). – But for 10-15 grams of protein and 20-30 grams of carbohydrates within 30 minutes after exercise can help restore muscle and energy. “

Watch out for muscle work

During a workout, easily distracted by music or his own thoughts, which leads to unfair exercise? “There is a huge difference between simply performing the movements and conscious work of muscles, – says Kira Stokes, an instructor of the New York studio Revolve Cycle. – You must feel every movement, every muscle contraction, and represent, as it becomes stronger with each approach.”

Do not focus

Likewise, it is impossible to find a person who will exactly match the long list of your wishes, it is impossible to achieve an ideal weight with an accuracy of a gram. According to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people who are expected to lose 3-5 kg, achieved better results and were calmer than those who wanted to lose a certain amount of kilos in the exact time. “Flexible goals seem more feasible, which in turn increases the satisfaction of occupation”, – explained the study’s authors.

Complicate your workout

During the winter, runs and grueling workouts want to regret your body and miss the last couple of kilometers and approaches. But the secret of the success of training – on the application of more effort than seems possible.

Drag on the bar

You do not know how to catch up? This is not a reason to get a horizontal bar side. Even if you are just hanging on the crossbar, swept the legs out from the earth, it is to help relax the muscle corset. “Concentrate on the body maintaining the maximum stationary, this will cause the press to operate hips and lower back,” – explains the March Montenegro, coach of fitness club in Miami.

how-to-find-the-perfect-body-40-useful-tips3Think of the rope

Inventory, which should not be neglected, is familiar to all from childhood – a jump rope.”Jumping rope may seem childish exercise, but keep in mind that professional boxers do it every day,” – says Lara Landon, CrossFit trainer Reebok CrossFit LAB in Los Angeles. You can jump almost anywhere, and for twenty minutes to burn 200 calories.

Make sure to exercise

If you are doing the exercise correctly, it does not matter how many times you have fulfilled it. “Improve the performance of the technique and then add weight or speed,” – said Kira Stokes, star trainer and group exercise instructor. This is especially important if your workouts are based on the implementation of an increasing number of repetitions over time. Remember, quality over quantity.

Complicate training

“Most people do not see changes in the shape, not because not enough exercise, but because they feel sorry for yourself and choose the load is too weak,” – says Adam Bornstein, founder of the blog Born Fitness. It offers each workout to set difficult to achieve the goal. “Use more weight, rest for five to ten seconds less between sets, add a few additional exercises, or make a different training program. Such small changes in routine will help your body to change faster,” – says Bornstein.

Do not hurry

Before you try to detox, consider that the sharp decline in the number of calories the body will reduce the capacity. In 2010, University of Minnesota researchers followed the women who consumed 1200 calories a day for three weeks, and noticed that they have increased levels of cortisol – a stress hormone. Chronic stress adversely affects the weight, and may also cause coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

Get your bikini

When you remove a swimsuit before the summer, you often forget about how your body looks. Bikini – an extra motivation to do physical exercises qualitatively. “From time to time, wear a swimsuit and look at your body from the outside, – offers Tanja Becker, the creator of the program body 57 Ballet Physique bare. – Nothing will stop you eating another piece of cake better than bikinis.”

Watch out for meals

When the person next to you eating a juicy burger or pizza flavored, very easy to break. Study Agricultural Economics Association (Agricultural and Applied Economic Association) confirms that people chose the same dishes as their companions simply because they wanted to be like his interlocutor. The report was reflected a downside: if you eat with someone is following your diet, you are also more likely to choose healthy dish.

how-to-find-the-perfect-body-40-useful-tipsDo not forget about the island

If you add a little chili pepper in your food, you can burn more calories while jogging on the street in the cold season. Chile contains kapsinoidy – chemicals, which together with the cold air temperature increases the number and activity of the so-called brown fat cells that burn energy instead of accumulating it, as do conventional white fat cells. This conclusion was published in the Journal of Clinical Research (Journal of Clinical Investigation).

Increase protein intake

Protein fills you faster than carbohydrates, and you do not run the risk of overeating. Christopher Okner, PhD and researcher of the New York Center for Obesity Research (New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center) at Roosevelt Hospital said that “protein will longer maintain a sense of satiety” and you will not be offended if your friend order a fruit and chocolate ice cream or brownies.

Freshen breath

Try to incorporate mint in your meal before exercise. The Journal of the International Society of sports nutrition (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition) describes the results of men’s training, drink 2 cups of water with 0.05 ml (about one drop) of peppermint oil and then run on the treadmill. It has been proven that stamina and strength of the runners increased, because the mint helps to relax muscles and to saturate the brain with oxygen and raise the pain threshold.

Focus on winning

Long-term goals are required, but sometimes they can make you feel overwhelmed or dissatisfied with the pace of improvement. Instead of thinking about how much you want to reduce the size of a period of four months, better focus on small daily victories. “Set a mini-goal and strive to fulfill them: for example, today you can have time to work out in the morning and drink more water than usual,” – suggests Michael Sneder, dietician health resort BodyHoliday in St Lucia. Your long-term goal be realized if every day you are to live as efficiently as possible.

Find other sports

For training partner will help not only to maintain motivation, but also to spend more time in the gym and burn more calories. A British study showed that women who train with her friends tend to do it for six minutes longer and burn forty extra calories per workout compared to those who do sports alone.

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Remember your motivation

We need a lot of discipline to give up the cake or get up on a cold morning for a jog. “To be successful, you should clearly understand their motivation,” – says nutritionist Tara Dzhidus, presenter of the program “Emotional spell”. Think less about how you get into skinny jeans or a small bikini, and more – on their’s sense and relationships with loved ones.”

Listen to your stomach

Your body knows when you are really hungry, maybe you just do not listen to him. Instead of having to swallow all available snacks at a party or go for two or three meals per day, stop and think about your stomach – it may already be full. “If you are not hungry, do smaller portion and drink tea or coffee, while others will overeat all that see – recommends Penner Elle, nutritionist and expert MyFitnessPal. – Eat only when your stomach really will give a signal that it is empty.”

Watch for portions

By imposing your own meals, clean the measuring cup, and just take a standard-size plate.”If your food can fit on the plate so that the food does not fit with each other, you can be sure that the size of servings satisfactory”, – says Michael Sneder.

Go outside

National Institutes of Health study has proved that the cold people can burn calories by 7% more. Thus, if you burn 268 calories during a half-hour quick run in the hall, when jogging in the winter on the street you can burn about 300 calories.

how-to-find-the-perfect-body-40-useful-tips4Motivate yourself

Do not stop to motivate yourself during grueling workouts, it will help you move forward without stopping. Innovative study showed that self-talk can significantly reduce fatigue raise the pain threshold that will help deal with longer and better.

Train at your own bits

What is your favorite playlist to help you cope with the training. In addition, research has proved that podpevanie and whistling tunes can affect the quality of training.”When you are doing to your favorite tune, exercise less tiring you think” – the researchers say.

Find a class trainer

“Find a coach who motivates you more than others” – advises Tanya Becker. If you look forward to meeting with his beloved mentor in Pilates, you’ll probably be more likely to visit the studio. The same applies to the video lessons.

Do not be afraid of heavy weights

You know that strength training – the best way to bring the body back in order. But if you do not change a year dumbbell, the desired effect you achieve. “Add two or three kinds of rod lifting (squats, deadlifts and bench press) and gradually increase the weight of one or two kilos a week”, – Abbott offers Noah (Noy Abbott), CrossFit trainer in a hall in South Brooklyn.

Dream usefully

Instead head in his spare time in the clouds, try to start doing yoga. “This is a great way to bring thoughts in order to distract and relax,” – says Mark Fisher, founder Mark Fisher Fitness in New York. Find five or ten minutes a day, when you give up all thoughts and just concentrate on your own breathing. “This will help you find unity with your body, relieve stress and recover after a hard day at the office” – says Fisher.

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Try a massage roller

Also known as myofascial release massage with a foam roller – an easy way to relax and stretch out. With this simple tool, you can achieve complete relaxation of muscle spasm. The roller acts on a point Trigger point – the muscle knots that cause the pain sensation and voltage. Try to finish each workout a few minutes of stretching on a roll.

Visualize your ideal body

Visualize your new body with an iron press, inflated ass and slim hips. Visualization desires really works: “When you subconsciously sound out its goal, you are more conscious approach to everything that can help to translate it into reality,” – says the author of the book “Body Sculpt Yoga. A revolutionary technique of “Lawrence Gwen.

Try to fight fat with the help of the mat

The study, presented at the 73 th Congress of the American Diabetes Association, has proven that revitalizing yoga, which includes more relaxing, not dynamic movements, can burn more fat. Fans of intense vinyasa and power yoga on the note. At the end of the annual study people who practiced this yoga at least once a month, we have lost about two kilograms.

Invest in your perfect body

In the study, Mayo Clinic researchers throughout the year weighed a hundred people every month. Everyone who has lost weight in the pound, give twenty dollars, and everyone who was gaining a pound, twenty dollars were taken. It was found that those who participated in the study lost weight about five kilos, while those who lost weight without bonus material, only lost two kilograms. If you are willing to put money on their own weight, visit sites such as Healthywage, FatBet or stickK.

Do not give up

When you approach the end of the workout, attach a double effort. “In the last five minutes of jogging or saykl workout faster and is laid out on the full – advises Terry Chiplin. – An explosion at the end of training will provide a double burden before the long-awaited end. “

how-to-find-the-perfect-body-40-useful-tips-2Be yourself

I am trying to instill in their new healthy habits, take it as a basis for existing. “So, if you are an early bird, you best early training immediately after waking up, and if the owl, it is better to go to the gym after work, – says Tara Stiles, owner Strala Yoga in New York City. – Do not try to go against nature. Do not try to remake themselves because this method works for someone else.”

Become part of a team

Even if you prefer to work independently, try at least once a week to engage in a group.”Happiness and health are manifested through social interaction and proximity” – says Greg Chertok, director of sports psychology in the direction of the Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in New Jersey. “Emotions are contagious, and motivation of one person can be transmitted to others,” – he adds. Join a group of bikram yoga, CrossFit, Cycle or Zumba – you may not notice how will smile, being surrounded by the same motivate people.

Do not forget to have a rest

Seven to ten hours of sleep can prevent the appearance of bags under the eyes and the extra kilos. If you have enough rest, you do not need the extra calories for energy.

Remember the time

No matter how busy you are – have dinner until 15:00. The researchers followed the women who adhere to proper diet, for 20 weeks, half of the women were eating lunch until three o’clock in the afternoon, half – after. Although the daily intake of calories during exercise and sleep the two groups were the same, those who dined earlier, lost 25% more weight.

Do not focus on numbers

Frequent weighing make you fixated on each kilogram. Ell Penner recommends weighed and try skinny jeans no more than once a week. “And the weighing and fitting fitting clothes – a good way to prevent the emergence of excess weight. Perhaps the pants will be even more visible way to keep track of progress. “

Start from the bottom

Availability of suitable shoes for training is very important. To buy winter running shoes EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). “Shoes of polyurethane tends to become hard and cold winter, which may increase the risk of injury,” – Polly de Mille explains physiologist, watching people, who for the first time take part in the New York marathon. Another important detail of the winter running – water- and windproof outerwear.

Do not neglect fats

Products called “fat-free”, in fact only add to you calories, because you just do not able to get enough of them, – proven research lab at Cornell University. Enter in your diet foods with polyunsaturated fats: they better satisfy hunger, but as a result you eat less and get fewer calories.

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