Improving Coexistence in a large family

Family Life

While there is no magic bullet to improve coexistence in a large family, there are many creative ways to make lighter the weight of several people live under the same roof.

Avoiding Problems of Coexistence in the Family

Cohabitation is one of the most common problems in families with many members, nothing that can not be solved with a little organization and understanding. Therefore, to improve relationships in a large family must respect the space of each.

Family Life
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large family is composed of a large number of members with direct or indirect link. This is the case of the models of mixed families, assembled, and dysfunctional.

Lately, it has become common to start a family with divorced couples sharing the same roof with the children of first and second marriage. All this represents a huge challenge that requires planning to avoid the problems of coexistence within the family. Here we look at four key to improving the relationship between all aspects.

1. Time to adapt to changes

Each separation creates in the psyche one match, and every match has a certain temporality. If you are looking to rush the situation, it is highly likely that things do not end well.

The best in these cases is to give the children a reasonable time to adjust to all the changes we are facing. This will be useful to improve coexistence in a large family, and prevent children to experience a sense of abandonment or rejection by their parents.

2. Divide tasks to avoid the problems of coexistence in the family

To improve coexistence in a large family is important to assign specific tasks to each of the members. Everyone should participate in household responsibilities, forming working groups that encourage communication and harmony.

Prepare a schedule of activities with the roles and obligations of the week. You can make use of technology to share the task list through mobile applications. It all adds up when things are done as a team!

3. Plan rides together

Vacations and weekend trips are a good excuse to strengthen family ties, and at the same time, escape from routine. The whole idea is to plan family outings, so that everyone feels included in each new project.

Unfortunately, things are not so simple; because the more members have the family will be difficult to keep everyone compliant. To avoid conflicts in large families during the holidays must encourage democracy and respect the decision of the majority.

4. Respect the privacy of each family member

One of the difficulties that large families have to do with the issue of personal space face. With so many people at home, it is difficult to respect the privacy of others still invade privacy.

This situation should not continue. Seize the moment dinner to discuss and agree in common where every member can express his opinion. Remember that dialogue is the best solution to most problems of family life.

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