How Talking to Your Adolescent


Dialogue with a teenage son is no easy task. It requires a lot of patience and love. Here are some tips to improve communication with them.

Tips for Talking to Children Teenagers

As the years pass and the children grow, it is normal to run into serious problems of coexistence. It is therefore necessary to learn to talk with a teenage son and confront this difficult period betting on communication.

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Nobody says it will be easy, however, more and more obstacles to express an opinion or feeling, while the children take a hostile behavior that tests the patience and wisdom of parents are. Any misunderstanding is an excuse to start a conflict, and even it is highly likely that the situation is out of hand reaching say hurtful words. All this is counterproductive to strengthen the relationship of a teenager who is making his first attempts at autonomy by building personality.

If you care about the emotional state of your children and want to get them in the right way, put into practice the following tips for a good dialogue with teenagers.

Keys to talk to teenagers

One of the most common mistakes people can make is not paying attention to what your children have to say. By now, they must have an opinion to various aspects of life, and it is important that you make an effort to understand them. To the extent you have willingness to listen, they will feel more confident to open, so try not to make any gesture of mockery or expression of disapproval, which will make things worse and weaken communication.

To improve communication with a teenage son must think the answers right. Do not be carried away by emotions if the other person wants berating or blame you for things you should look for ways to resume the lull in the conversation. Sometimes there saved many feelings that can suppress a child, so it’s best to leave them express themselves. Once you get your turn to speak, choose a more rational and calm way, but above all, try to put yourself in his place. Remember this is not a competition.

Each question is key to get into the minds of our children and gain their trust. The goal is always to treat the underlying problem, and to reach it we must solve some secondary unknowns.

There is always a reason behind a nuisance, so you should be skillful enough to make the right questions to approach the most sensitive issue. In any dialogue with teens there should be no taboo, so be prepared to respond with complete honesty.

Avoid distractions

Distractions are the main enemy when it comes to communicating, enough to turn off all cell phones and electronic devices turned on right. The body language is also very powerful when we want to express something, so put all your mental and physical when listening to the other person attention.

Finally, respect your time to explain your thoughts and do not use many aftershocks to stop your children. Everyone has his turn and must be respected.

Now you know! If you really want to talk with your teen and make friends with them, it’s time to sit down and talk at length. Never too late to start!

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