Wardrobe basics every man should own

The best way of making sure you always look good is having a selection of high-quality, easy-to-wear items that look great all year round and stay in fashion.

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A new you

If you want to change your style or simply smarten up, you need to plan ahead and not just hit the high street and splash the cash. Shopping without a plan can result in impulsive purchases, unworn items, returned goods or items that simply don’t go with anything else or suit you.


To always look and feel your best, you need to ensure you have a good selection of essential items. This means clothes in neutral colours, which can be dressed up or down and paired with individual or more colourful items.

The kind of clothes you should consider investing in are not the clothes you see advertised in magazines or on posters and on in-store mannequins. Consider plain white t-shirts, dark blue jeans, chinos, grey jumpers, plain blazers, brown and black boots, and a wool coat for the winter.

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A white t-shirt can be worn every day of the year, so having a few of these shirts on hand is a good idea. Worn in the summer on its own with jeans and fashion trainers, this simple classic and trendy look is often seen on high-profile celebrities. A white tee can also be worn under a V-neck jumper or with a casual shirt unbuttoned and hanging loose. A casual white shirt is another great purchase for relaxed or smart wear and is one of the most versatile items any man should own.


Jeans are essential and timeless. Find the style that suits you best and stick with them. With fewer men dressing for work in traditional office wear, jeans are becoming far more acceptable in the workplace.

Sweaters, Blazers and Coats

Stick to navy and grey for outerwear, and make sure these garments fit you properly and are good quality so they last. Buying a mens crew neck Aran sweater from companies such as https://www.shamrockgift.com/mens-crew-neck-aran-sweater will keep you warm in the colder months for many winters to come.


Traditionally worn in brown or tan, chinos look great with colours like navy and can be worn with nearly anything, so a good-quality pair is a wise investment.

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