Industrial lighting looks

The industrial look is highly popular at the moment, giving a rough, raw and authentic vibe to any room’s décor. The beauty of industrial theming is that it’s easy to mix it up with a combination of retro and urban styles.

To get the best industrial aesthetic, it’s important to get the balance right and not bring too much into your home and making it overpowering. Small bits here and there can contribute to a subtle yet highly effective industrial feel. One of the simplest ways to do this is to focus on the industrial theme with lighting.

Industrial chandeliers

Chandelier lighting is a great way to introduce an industrial edge in a more refined and elegant way. The sophistication of a chandelier is in stark contrast with the bold, retro feel sitting alongside it. Consider bronze finishes and metallic curves for a more refined industrial design. Black is another strong choice for this aesthetic, so consider a chandelier with black curved arm arrangements for a contemporary, urban tone. Multiple arms will also help to spread the light further throughout the room, so you’ll be getting a glamorous fitting as well as great illumination. Consider the importance of Ceiling Roses too. Visit a site like for more information.

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Table lamps

It’s not all about the ceiling, as the industrial vibe can easily be introduced into table lighting too. Table lamps can provide a special decorative touch, so perhaps choose something unique and that makes a statement. Table lamps have the added benefit of being maneuverable so it’s possible to reposition them in the perfect spot depending on your needs. Choose a modern black or metallic finish, or antique brass for a more rustic approach.


Pendant lights offer a bolder statement, with the unique ability to set the theme inside a room and be more eye-catching. These fittings are popular in dining rooms and kitchens where a multip0le light design can provide excellent illumination to a table area or kitchen island space. Think exposed brass holders with vintage filament bulbs for a thoroughly authentic industrial vibe.

When creating a fresh décor, lighting is one of the most important elements although not the only focus. To be successful with an industrial, urban décor, it’s important to find a collection of features so that the result is a joined up and cohesive theme.

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Furnishings and fixtures for an industrial look will include things like woods, dark leather, exposed brick, neutral tones, brick-effect wallpaper and metallic or brass finish items. Thankfully, it’s simple to create a fresh, authentic industrial look as there are so many light fittings that fit the bill, in every shape and size.


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