Six garden ideas for park homes

With the limited outdoor space awarded to park homes, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a garden is out of reach. It’s a mistake easily made, but with a small amount of creativity, you can have the relaxing outdoor space you’re dreaming of. Here are some ideas to get you started.
1. Use pots for interest

Plant pots come in a variety of colours, sizes and designs, making them a versatile way to add a splash of colour to your space. They’re easy to move and can host everything, from hearty evergreens to vegetables and colourful flowers.

2. Garden ornaments

A simple garden gnome adds some fun and colour to an area, without taking up too much space or requiring complicated upkeep. What’s not to love? Or add a bird bath to entice small friends into visiting, creating the perfect spot to relax with a cup of tea.

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  1. Wall planters

    Park homes are traditionally in green locations, with popular areas such as Northumberland, Lancashire, and Gloucester park homes for sale typically being blank canvases externally. This gives you a perfect empty stage for adding interest with wall planters. Since they’re typically higher up, they’re ideal space savers and perfect for people who struggle with bending.

    4. Raised beds

    Raised beds let you add interest with height, which helps accessibility if you’re struggling with aching joints. Gardening in retirement is shown to reduce the likelihood of long-term health problems by 2.5 times according to the Daily Mail, so it is an endeavour well worth making more accessible.

    5. Divide your space

    When space is limited, dividing it can trick the eye into thinking it’s larger than it really is. Park homes, such as those you can view at, are often closer together than with traditional housing, so the additional privacy can be welcome.

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6. Theme it

Who doesn’t love a good theme? Whether you add a nautical edge, go for the cottage garden look or simply love everything pink, it’s a good way to add interest and have fun along the way. The sky’s your limit!

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