How big a marquee will I need for my event?

Planning an event, whether it is a country wedding reception, a church fayre or a garden party, requires forethought, research and, if possible, advice from people who have experience in planning similar occasions.

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Whilst it may be visually easy to determine the number of people that will fit into a village hall, for example, it can be another problem entirely to determine just what size marquee you will require as additional covered space. Whether you are considering marquee hire in Kent, Cornwall or in the wilds of Yorkshire, there are some questions that apply to all.

What will the marquee be used for?

It may sound like a simple question, but it’s the most important starting place. Is this going to be a dance area for fifty guests, a sit down reception area for a wedding or a cake judging contest with the WI? Knowing how many people you have to accommodate and how much they will be moving around is key. Don’t forget to check laws regarding temporary structures, so that you do not contravene any health and safety laws. This can all be taken care of for you, if you use a reputable hire company.

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How many ‘extras’ will be in the marquee?

Extra space needs to be considered, when things such as decoration, dance floor, mobile bar and band or disco are to be included. Companies such as 2intents will be able to provide expert advice regarding how much space you actually require. Think about making a scale drawing, so you can more easily visualise what is going to sit well within the marquee.

Check the weather forecast.

The Great British Weather is a talking point for good reason, so be prepared to have your plans changed at the last minute. You may think that you will be able to enjoy plentiful sunshine before retiring into the marquee for food, for example, but if the heavens open, you may find you need more inside space. Weather predictors can forecast reasonably well around 15 days in advance, but earlier than that is more pot luck!

Once you’ve done your planning and have a few contingency plans in place, should anything change at the last minute, you can rest easy and concentrate on enjoying your event, come rain or shine.

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