Maintaining your boiler in winter

Winter is the time of year when we rely on our central hearing systems the most; however, it is also the time of year when there are most breakdowns, with systems having been brought back to life after a summer of light use.

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Modern boilers

To keep your boiler running smoothly, it is a good idea to have it serviced once a year. Not only will this ensure that it is working at its most efficient but also it provides an opportunity to spot any developing faults and prevent a costly breakdown. There is some debate as to whether you should take out a maintenance plan or have services done on an ad-hoc basis, but a service is essential however you finance it.

Modern condensing boilers are prone to problems with the condensate pipe freezing up. You can help to prevent this by using the system regularly so that the house remains warm. Boilers that are unused for long periods are more prone to problems. If your condensate pipe does freeze, you can usually fix it by pouring warm – not boiling – water over the outside of the pipe.

Combi boilers use a pressurised system, usually with a gauge on the boiler, to allow you to check the pressure. If the gauge drops out of the green, you need to top up the system using the filling loop to keep things running smoothly.

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It is also important to check the rest of your system. If your radiators are warmer at the bottom than the top, you need to bleed them. This will help the long-term health of your system by preventing air bubbles circulating. Also check that your heating controls, thermostat and timer are working correctly.

Older boilers

While old boilers can keep running for many years, it is indisputable that modern condensing units are more energy efficient. Companies such as HPR Services Ltd that offer boiler installation in Gloucester will be able to advise you on how much you could save by installing a new boiler.

If you do decide that it is time to replace your old boiler, you need to think carefully about the size of your property and how much hot water you use. This will help you to select the right type of system for your needs and ensure that you stay warm and save energy.

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