Why a bus beats a limousine for your perfect night out!

You are tasked with arranging transport for a big night out in your local area, but where do you begin? Multiple taxis are far too expensive and you are left with the choice between a limousine and a hiring a private bus. Here we discuss how a bus beats a limo for your perfect night out.

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Spacious transportation

A standard limousine can fit a few squished passengers, the space inside the vehicle is limited and legroom can be a little tight. On the other hand, a bus can seat up to 20  people sometimes and more and includes plenty of legroom, meaning that your entire group can be transported together. With all members present from the offset, there is no need to wait before getting the party started!  A Gloucester Minibus Hire company found at links like www.johndixtravel.co.uk can show you what’s on offer for your personal requirements.

A party atmosphere

When you hop onto your bus, you will be able to play the music of your choice and you may even be able to connect video footage up to monitors. Your transportation could become one of the highlights of your night, with opportunities to do karaoke, request speeches and put the party girl on the spot with embarrassing videos.


Another benefit of opting for a bus rather than a limo is the flexibility it offers you to roam around town. Limousines are quite difficult to drive around windy roads due to their stretched bodies.  A bus is designed to be able to turn most corners and the drivers are highly trained to tackle most obstacles. Another great feeling is feeling like your back at school again sitting on the back seat.

Safety on board a party bus

One important thing to consider when booking your travel is security. Although the purpose of a party bus is to have fun, it is also worth reminding your group that they must be responsible for their own safety while on board the vehicle.

A tragic accident took place on a party bus in 2012 that could allegedly have been avoided had the teen obeyed the bus rules. To avoid any danger, choose an authorised company that has safety regulations in place and is insured in the event of a road accident.

Buses are fun, convenient and reasonably priced. When are you going to experience the enjoyment that a party bus can bring to a special occasion?

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