Five great examples of multi-channel retail

Implementing the complexities of omnichannel for your company website is a crucial way to target customers. If your brand isn’t providing this experience, there is a good chance you’ll lose customers. Introducing multi-channel retailing that combines a range of technology to directly sell to customers through marketplaces and social media is a great way to keep your customers loyal and show you’re responsive to their needs.

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Fashion retailer Oasis offers the customer a cross-section of channels and in store music so customers get the most out of their shopping experience. Shop assistants have iPads to provide the shopper with instant information on a product, and if it isn’t available, associates can it order online. This service is also used in the same way for customers to receive their order from a branch.

Crate & Barrel

It’s well-known that consumers often change from an eCommerce website to a smartphone or tablet when researching and finalising purchases. The people at Crate & Barrel have created an app that allows people to access their shopping cart from any device they’re using as long as they are signed in, so they can continue their shopping experience where they left off previously.

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Shopping is made easy for those using Sephora’s loyalty program, the “My Beauty Bag” app. The cosmetic retailer has introduced a way for customers to control their purchase history, rewards and product choice regardless of the device they’re using. In addition, they can combine their saved items and orders while they’re in a store. For the 85 per cent of consumers who favour apps over mobile websites, this trend is welcome news.


Chipotle Mexican Grill allows its customers to place their orders from anywhere. Not only can people put in an order to pick up at their closest Chipotle, but the app enables them to track previous orders and save their favourites for future ordering. Regardless of the device they’re using, it accessed easily. Companies such as share this focus on consumer experience.


Ranking high as a top omnichannel offering, Starbucks lets customers check and reload their card balance through a mobile device when they’re at Starbucks or on the website. Balances are updated over all channels, wherever customers are or what they’re using. Additionally, if they earn rewards, they’re added to the account automatically.

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