Tumors, 10 Body Messages Not To Be Underestimated


The World Day of the Cancer that is celebrated on February 4 with the aim of sensitizing citizens and governments about the importance of prevention and diagnosis early detection of tumors.

The motto is more than ever present and important: apart from easy alarms, it is increasingly important to know the messages sent by our body to understand if we are sick and increase the chances of healing.

For this reason, the American Cancer Society has published a list of symptoms (common to several diseases) not to be underestimated.

Tumors: Chronic Fatic Eyes and Loss Of Weight

The main suspects are fatigue chronic, unexplained loss of weight, pain persistent swelling subcutaneous, changes in appearance of the skin and fever prolonged. The first symptom, in particular, can be a sign of something abnormal: attention is therefore to persistent exhaustion accompanied by increased sleep needs, especially if not justified by particular physical activity or changes in habits.

Even a seemingly inexplicable weight loss, which is not due to a drastic diet, can be a symptom often ignored of cancer.

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Tumors: Check Of Nodes and Skin

Do not underestimate the pain, especially if the head or the testicles, but we must also pay attention to any lumps or bumps under the skin, often associated with cancer in the breast or testicular cancer, but can occur in any soft tissue area of the body.

If there is evidence of a mass under the skin, you should not waste time: the symptoms of skin cancer are often confusing with a common burn, a new or a normal aging process. In fact, any freckles, neo or warts that change shape or color, especially if accompanied by itching or if they become wounds that do not heal, could hide a melanoma.

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Tumors: Attention To The Synthesis

According to US experts, tumor prevention is also important to pay attention to urinary and intestinal habits.

The need to urinate more frequently than usual and the pain of urination may in fact be the signal of a bladder or prostate cancer, while blood in the urine might call into the kidneys. Frequent diarrhea or presence of blood in the stool (which makes them look very dark) may also experience colon-rectus problems.

A low but long-lasting fever that fails to go away with common remedies should not be ignored. Sometimes, leukemia and lymphomas affect the immune system so aggressively that the body tries to fight the infection until it causes a fever.

They also go check t bones or hoarseness : if the first tends to not go away can be a sign of cancer to the lungs and to worry about the first trace of any blood. Rhinitis may be a symptom of laryngeal or thyroid cancer.

White spots inside the mouth and tongue can signal leukoplakia, a pre-cancerous condition often caused by smoking or tobacco use.

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