Exercises for the eyes after the computer: When you feel carved, dryness and eyes burn?

Eyes Exercise

Recommendations of ophthalmologists to spend at the computer no more than 4 hours a day me, we shall softly say, surprise. How can I limit myself to this time, when my work, education and entertainment are connected with a computer or a tablet? By the end of the day, I feel that my eyes just burn, my face muscles are in constant tension, and the clarity of the picture is lost. I want to constantly rub my eyes. Do you have the same? I’ll talk about exercises for the eyes after the computer. Believe me: only 2 approaches a day and you will feel considerable relief.

Gymnastics for the eyes when working at the computer

Step 1 – Save vision when you work long on your computer

Why do we need a stage: When we work for a computer for a long time, our eyes focus on doing monotonous work. After all, we are looking at an object that is at the same distance, and the range of movement is right-to-left and up-down is minimal. As a consequence, the muscles of the eyes become weak, lose the ability to quickly focus. The result is known to everybody: vision falls. Therefore, the goal of stage 1 is to give the eyes a variety of work and to keep eyesight while working on the computer for a long time.

Exercise 1 – The Eight

Exactly sit down on a chair and start drawing with your eyes a horizontal eight. Each time we increase its size a little. By the end of the exercise, the amplitude should be maximum. The total number of repetitions is at least 20.

Now close your eyes and repeat the figure eight 20 more times.

Exercise 2 – Focus

We will focus on 2 subjects: one – at arm’s length, the second – in the distance. There are many options: look at the tip of the pencil, which you hold in your hand, and then look at the opposite wall.

You can take a small glass, draw a marker on it and concentrate on it for a few seconds. Then – look through the glass at the remote object (optimally – more than 10 meters).

The main thing is to correctly execute the sequence: we focus 5 seconds on the near subject and 5 seconds on the far object. Repeat 10-15 times.

Exercise 3 – Field of view

Exactly sit on a chair and set eyes on a certain point (I have an office clock). Now, without taking your eyes off, we try to maximize the field of view, that is, to cover as many objects as possible, which are located to the left and right of the focus point. Done? Close your eyes, rest for 5 seconds and repeat 2 more times.

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Eyes Exercise
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Stage 2 – Relieve fatigue from the eyes after working on the computer

From the monotonous work, our eyes get very tired. For example, by the end of the day I feel that the muscles of not only the eyes, but also the faces are very tense, the eyebrows are brought together. I want to relax them and relieve fatigue from the eyes after working on the computer. For this, there is a second stage of gymnastics

Exercise 4 – Closing

This exercise will help to cope with dryness.

We shut our eyes tightly and count to 5. Then open our eyes wide and raise our eyebrows high – we count again to 5. We repeat 10 times.

Exercise 5 – Massage

This is an obligatory exercise: it brings relief and relaxes the muscles of the face. With the index and middle finger pads, move along the eyebrow line and through the lower eyelid from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. If you feel tension in the forehead or the inner corner of the eyes, closer to the bridge of the nose – focus on them.

Exercise 6 – Recreation

Warm up the palms and fold them “house”. We close our eyes with our hands so that our fingers are near the hair growth line, and the lower part of the palm is right under the eyes. Now concentrate on what we see. At first, multicolored circles and spots fly past my eyes. But ours is to see a completely dark picture: concentrate on it and drive away unnecessary circles. We continue the exercise for 3 minutes.

When you open your eyes, you will feel the freshness of your eyes and the pleasant relaxation of the muscles of your face. Plus for girls: a wrinkle between the eyebrows and on the forehead will become less noticeable.

Regular gymnastics for the eyes: How to organize?

I understand that it is not easy to organize regular gymnastics for the eyes: exercises are forgotten, and motivation is not enough. But in order to keep eyesight when working on a computer for a long time, it is precisely the regularity, rather than 2-3 sessions per month “when I remembered”. For myself, I found this method: I installed applications on the tablet with a training program.

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