How To Prevent Eye Infections

Prevent Eye Infections

When bacteria, viruses, or fungi are introduced to your eye, it can cause an infection. Eye infections, while not usually serious, can be extremely inconvenient and bothersome. Waking up with crusty goop in your eye, being unable to see due to swollen eyelids, and trying to resist the urge to scratch at your itchy eyes are things nobody wants to have to deal with. It is vital to take steps to prevent infection of the eye in order to avoid these unfortunate symptoms.

Keep Your Eyewear Clean

Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses Harrisburg PA, it is important to remember to practice good hygiene when dealing with your eyewear. Disinfect your glasses regularly to get rid of any harmful bacteria that may have accumulated on the surface throughout the day. Clean and change your contact lenses regularly as directed by your optometrist.

Prevent Eye Infections

Clean Your Makeup Tools

If you wear makeup, it is important to make sure that your brushes and other tools (such as eyelash curlers and makeup sponges) are clean. You should clean your makeup tools at least every two weeks to help prevent infections. Additionally, it is important not to share makeup tools with others. If you must use someone else’s tools, be sure to clean them before and after use.

Don’t touch Your Face

Your hands touch so many different surfaces throughout the day. Because of this, they are bound to gather all kinds of bacteria from all of the things you touch. Touching your face and eyes is a very easy way to get an infection. If you need to touch your eye (for instance, to insert contacts), make sure to wash your hands first to get rid of any lingering germs.

Eye infections can be nasty and irritating. It is very easy to transfer bacteria or viruses to your eyes through the day-to-day activities you partake in. If you take care to practice proper hygiene, though, eye infections can be avoided. Talk to your doctor if you think you may have an eye infection.

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