How to build a great team and maintain productivity

Building the best company team is much like planting the perfect garden. You can simply buy various pots and seeds and hope for the best, or you can plan, plant and allow time for different plants to grow and mature. Just like plants, you’ll find some team members are stable and long lasting while others offer great value for a short time. And don’t forget, just as in a garden, weeding out, nurturing and fertilising are all essential for getting the best results.

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Plan your team

Just like a company, a team should have values and a mission statement. Creating clear rules and team values will help you, the manager, plan your team members and their duties. If you know what needs to be accomplished, you can know what types of attributes and personalities you need to fill those spaces.

Picking your team

Hiring the right candidate in the first instance is the best approach, but just as in the gardening analogy, you don’t always know how an individual is going to perform. Honing the individual job descriptions is one way to help ensure the right candidates apply.

Never stop growing

No one in your team should ever stop learning. As an employer, it’s important to understand that what you offer your employees isn’t just a job, but advancement too. By supporting a personal development initiative, you can develop the team you need and keep your staff happy and more engaged.

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Close the gaps

Plants, like people, work best when there is no space between them. Schedule regular team building corporate events like the ones offered at, to ensure your team is growing together, in harmony.

Be an inspiration

In sales especially, a great sales person makes the best manager and in business in general, team members want a mentor who is a success and an inspiration. Show your team how to manage situations and interpersonal relationships through example, not through theory. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

And remember, once you have your perfect team in place you’ll need to keep refining; adding talent and removing deadwood as the seasons change. You might try talking to your team to help them flourish. Many gardeners swear it helps.

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