The Perfect Teddy Bears picnic

As we look to the spring and summer months ahead it’s a not a bad idea to consider how you’re going to spend it. What about gathering the kids and their teddy bears and going down to the woods for the day? There’s no reason why you can’t take your own Ted along with you after all?

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The picnic is a great tradition. The idea of packing up some food and drink and setting off to the woods or a nice field has lots of charm, plus it gets the kids out and about. Let’s assume first of all that the Great British summer weather has played ball and it’s a nice sunny day. What do you fill the hamper with? By the way, you don’t need a hamper a sturdy rucksack will suffice, in fact any carrier will do as long as it can hold it all.  A nice thick matt to sit on is best for that original picnic style. You can take chairs and there is some great fold up ones that are easy to transport but with a Teds picnic it’s best to travel light you’re all going to be sat in a circle anyway. Lap Trays may be a better idea and you can find some great ones at

If it’s a warm day then it’s a good idea to take plenty of bottled water with you. A traditional picnic naturally contains that good old-fashioned staple Tea but there’s no reason you can’t mix it up and take Coffee so get big flask out. Take a bit of squash with you to add to the water but if you’re going for a real traditional feel then it’s got to be “lashings of Ginger Beer” as Enid Blyton would insist. As with any picnic it’s best to have finger food. The cocktail sausage comes into its own here especially as it usually comes in handy packets. You must have sandwiches, we’ll leave the bread up to you, and strictly speaking this should be cheese ones and ham ones (or combined!) cut triangular. Whatever happens you’ll always make more than you need. You could have Salmon if you want to give the bears a treat! Ensure also that your favourite crisps are packed, again there’s no rule as to what flavour but the straight flavours of Cheese and Onion and Salt and Vinegar plus Ready Salted fit the old school bill. For puddings there is only one acceptable option which is, of course, Jam Tarts! Make sure a set of smaller cups and plates is laid out for the fuzzy friends, bears like to all sit in a circle.

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If you live locally to it or fancy a trip then the ideal place would be a small wood between Staplegrove Church in Taunton, Somerset England and its Scout Hut. It’s supposed to be the inspiration for the song Teddy Bears picnic, or you could hold a fundraising event alongside your picnic. For more ideas on this take a look at this article. Any nice park, wood or field will do though. For games, hide and seek is always a favourite and the bears can join in by being hidden too. Make sure a set of smaller cups and plates is laid out for the fuzzy friends, bears like to all sit in a circle. So why not make today the day the teddy bears, and you and the kids, have your picnic!

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