Four Perfect Ways for Kids to Enjoy Creating Art

You may have noticed your kid dabbling with colours and paints on a piece of paper. Children often end up making a big mess if you give them colours and paints and a clean canvas to paint on. In most cases, these paintings and designs won’t make a lot of sense. Obviously, a child’s thinking is very different from that of a grown-up. As a result, most parents throw away those pieces when the child is done with them. However, before you take the pens and markers away, you should know that you might be effectively harming your child’s artistic creativity. That’s not a wise thing to do. Here are some ideas that will actually help you promote artistic creativity in your child.

Give Them Lines to Colour Outside Of

Understanding boundaries as an artist is very important. It is one of the main reasons why most colouring books have very clear boundaries that you must colour inside of. However, because children are taught to keep their colouring inside the lines at all times, they don’t even realise the effect of colouring outside the lines. One of the best ways to promote artistic creativity in children is to give them a picture and ask them to colour outside the lines. For instance, a series of overlapping circles is an excellent exercise. Learning how to colour outside a particular circle, without entering the boundary of another, is going to help your child understand the difference that colour can make if used sparingly.

Four Perfect Ways for Kids to Enjoy Creating Art

Turning Old Bottles into Cars

How many old bottles have you thrown away in the past couple of weeks? Detergent bottles and oil bottles can actually be re-used and turned into stylish looking cars and trucks. All you need to do is make a few holes in the side of the bottle and place the lids inside. Giving your children this project is actually going to help them see things in a different light altogether. Most children don’t think twice before chucking empty bottles in the bin. However, if you show them how to make a truck out of an empty bottle, they will always think twice before chucking useless items in the garbage. Who knows, your child might come to you with a stylish looking art piece one day!

Tissue Paper Painting

Tissue paper is extremely light and flimsy, so printing with tissue paper is not as easy as it looks. However, when done with care and delicacy, tissue paper prints might actually turn out to be gorgeous. You can use Fineliner marker pens in order to colour and paint the lines around tissue paper, thus allowing you to create stylish blocks and designs. You can place the tissue paper on a white piece of paper, which will eventually leave an impression on the white background.

Cut and Paste Images

Last but not least, cut and paste images are also an excellent idea. You can guide your child on how to cut images and then paste them on different backgrounds!

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