Choosing the right college laptop

Finding the best laptop to use in college can be a difficult task. When shopping for a college laptop, the first thing you should consider is what you will use it for now and in future. It’s important to choose a laptop capable of handling new programmes and applications, as technology is constantly evolving. It’s called “futureproofing”, or purchasing a device with headroom to accommodate future technology.

Your answers to these questions will help you narrow down your options.

  • What software or applications do you require for your course?
  • What is your field of interest?
  • Are you a gamer or would you like to be one?
  • Use video chat to talk with family and friends?
  • Do you want to create your own videos, podcasts and other content?

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Take Performance First

The performance of your laptop is directly related to how you use it. If you are only going to use the laptop for basic tasks such as word processing, downloading music and posting on social media, it may not be necessary to get a high-end CPU and opt for Cheap Laptops instead. For Cheap Laptops, visit Refurbished Laptops.


Consider the weight and thickness when comparing these different form-factors. If you have a heavy laptop, a long walk across campus will be uncomfortable. Laptops are available in many different sizes and weights. Next, you should consider the laptop’s display.

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Screen Size

The weight and price of a laptop are directly affected by the size of its screen. In stores and on the internet, laptops are usually categorised by their screen size. This can range from 11 to 17 inches.

If you are on a tight budget and need to be able to carry your laptop around, but only perform basic tasks like Web browsing, email, or word processing, then a small laptop with an 11-inch screen is a good choice.

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