Designing a diet you can stick to: tips from the pros

Before starting on any diet, you need to prepare your family for the change of habits in their routine. They should be eating whole, unprocessed food that is nutritious and as close to its natural form as possible.

Designing a diet you can stick to

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Clean out your cupboards and refrigerator, throw out all sugary foods and drinks, and completely eliminate all those foods that contain white flour, which can cause your blood sugar level to escalate. Do not go shopping on an empty stomach, as you might be tempted to resort to starchy and sugary treats and snack your way around the supermarket.


Replace coffee with calming herbal tea, and keep red meat consumption to a minimum; quality chicken, turkey, oily fish and game are good substitutes. Aim to have fresh vegetables at every meal and a small portion of dairy products to get your quota of calcium. It’s important to eat small amounts of quality fresh foods that are as close to their natural source as possible.

Dr Michael Moseley, who has written numerous books and appeared on television, advocates eating 800 calories a day. In this Daily Mail article, Dr Moseley explains how drastically limiting your intake of food every day can reduce your chances of getting diabetes.

Dr Moseley advocates following a Mediterranean-style eating plan, which means eating fresh oily fish and plenty of salads with a garnish of olive oil and fresh lemon juice. He describes how he has porridge and berries for breakfast, which are high in fibre and anti-oxidants necessary for cell renewal.

Exercise keeps you young

Resistance to exercising might be an obstacle to most people losing weight, but thinking in terms of becoming healthier should provide them with the incentive to mobilise those muscles: exercise can keep you young, so get moving!

Amino acids, minerals and trace elements are the unsung heroes of all diets. An adequate amount of iron in the diet is especially important for athletes, vegetarians and pregnant or lactating mothers. An iron supplement such as blue iron make it easy to get your daily dose.

You could follow a generally healthy eating plan instead of counting calories by thinking of your food in terms of colour and variety. After all, who doesn’t love the colourful combination of textures in a fresh salad!

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