4 perfect snack recipes

snack recipes

Snack recipes, the march is already here with his thousands of things to do. For this reason, we already have to start organizing this busy month. In Jumbo is an easy task, so that you do not get complicated, we recommend the best recipes for snacks, to enjoy them wherever you want and with whoever you want.

Yogurt, raspberries, and cereal: snack recipes for the ideal breakfast.snack recipes

To start the morning with something simple and delicious, we recommend you prepare this nice and delicious breakfast. In just a few minutes you can prepare these parfait- style cups of cereals and yogurt smoothie Jumbo. Start the day on the right foot thanks to this recipe. Read more: How to lose weight … snacking!

Children’s sushi: something new to surprise children.snack recipes

If you are wanting to innovate in snacks and snacks for your children, nothing better than this stylish idea: children’s sushi. With simple ingredients such as artisanal ham, avocado, buttery cheese, and sliced bread, you can achieve this novel preparation. If you prefer a gluten-free bread, we recommend the brand Convida (The product is not in Jumbo.cl). Read more: How to treat iron deficiency

Cheerful Naranjitas: something fresh, rich and classic.

More than one is going to remember how popular were these oranges stuffed with jelly. The good news is that they continue to be, and now you can prepare them in simple steps to share. You just have to follow this recipe ?

Cuncuna bicolor: an entertaining touch for lunchtimesnack recipes

Children love foods with entertaining forms, so go ahead and cheer up the time of the meal, and especially when you invite your friends to lunch, with a bicolor Cancun made of hamburgers and tomatoes, with this recipe. love!

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