5 Reasons to Use a Timber Frame Building

Timber is one of our oldest building materials, and for good reason. Flexible, sustainable and with little waste, timber can be used to create high-spec beautiful buildings anywhere. As the UK struggles to cope with its housing crisis, could timber frame buildings be the solution?

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It’s a Natural Material

As one of the few completely natural building materials, timber is a smart choice. It won’t leach toxic chemicals into the environment or create harmful vapour. It’s safe to handle and to use and will age naturally.

It’s a Great Insulator

dow frames and floors can bring great energy savings to your home thanks to its insulating properties. Now imagine the savings for a whole building.

Wood is naturally thermally insulating thanks to the minute air pockets in its structure – these limit its ability to conduct heat. A double-skinned construction magnifies the effect by trapping air between two layers of timber.

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Wood is more thermally insulating than both steel and brick, making it an ideal choice for energy-efficient buildings.

No Limits

There’s nothing you can’t achieve with timber frame construction. Timber marries unrivalled technical and physical properties with endless design possibilities. A timber-framed house can be bright and contemporary or cosy and traditional in style and will effortlessly fit into any surroundings. A timber frame construction company like http://www.qtfhomes.co.uk/ will be able to show you a range of styles.


Our climate and our forests are linked, making timber an important part of the global carbon cycle. One trillion tonnes of carbon are locked in our forests because photosynthesis allows trees to take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock away the carbon.

It’s estimated that for every tonne of timber produced, 1.8 tonnes of carbon will be removed from the atmosphere. This remains locked in the wood during the lifespan of your building.

Quick Build Time

Because the timber for a timber framed building can be cut off-site and modulated, build times are much quicker than with brick- or stone-built properties, with less expertise and fewer specialised skills required. Your construction site is also cleaner as there’s less waste, mess and debris to deal with.

And a quick build time has other benefits, too, saving time and money whether you’re building a home or commercial premises.

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