The recipe for a delicious cheesecake

delicious cheesecake

Crispy sandy base and a delicate cheese filling … Somehow unexpectedly delicious cheesecake stole hearts of millions of sweet teeth all over the world! Did you know that the very first cheesecakes appeared in ancient Greece? 

The Greeks knew about exquisite delicacies. Now there are a lot of different options for this dessert. We chose ten cheesecake recipes for every taste, treat yourself!

Delicious cheesecake: So, the cakedelicious cheesecake

Practically in all recipes, it is indicated that the cake should be made from a mixture of sugar cookies and melted butter. In fact, it can and is practical, but very uncomfortable, not too tasty and absolutely ugly. It is better to use a classic short pastry. This will allow you to form a beautiful upper contour of the cake, and it definitely will not crumble and crumble. Read more: Nutrition and nutrition to look for healthier skin

Delicious cheesecake: Fillingdelicious cheesecake

Actually, the filling itself is a cheese mass of creamy consistency. And this is where the tricks begin. The first thing to know is that Philadelphia can be replaced much. For sophisticated gourmets, this will be “no longer a cheesecake,” but for mere mortals, little will change. The most frequent options for replacement are Almette Curd and Rama Cream Bonjour, slightly less often President Creamy and Viennese Breakfast. The next trick is that the cheese should be at room temperature – this will protect you from the lumps in the filling. Well, the final chord – forget about the mixers and blenders. Everything must be done neatly with a shovel or a whisk. Forget about trying to whip the stuffing to the state of meringue – otherwise, the cake will swell in the oven and, almost certainly, will crack.

Delicious cheesecake: Cookingdelicious cheesecake

And so you decided, you prepared all this, combined and prepared to put in the oven. But it was not there! Ovens come in three types: new with top and bottom heat, new with the bottom and just old ones. In new with two types of heating necessarily disable the upper part, otherwise, you will not have a noble cheesecake, but curd casserole. In the new with the lower heating do not touch anything. But in the old will have to suffer from a water bath. Your task is to place water between the cheesecake and the fire. Just put another baking tray deeper down and pour the boiling water directly into it. In addition to the confidence that the cake will not burn, there is another plus – the filling on the water bath turns out to be more gentle and light, rather than dry and somehow compressed. Read more: What gifts can you send to Australia?

Understood how to put it, now, when it is taken out? Readiness cheesecake is checked simply – when tapping a spoon on the board, the shapes should shake 5-6 cm in the center of the pie. It is possible less, but no more in any case.

And now our Grail is ready, trembling as it should, color is noble, the temperature is high. Do not hurry to pull it out – give him half an hour to stand in the off oven with the door open and only then outside. At room temperature another half an hour. And only then we send it to the refrigerator for 2-3 hours to the full readiness.

You can leave it vanilla-classic, you can cook toppings to your taste. Do not be afraid to experiment to please your loved ones!.

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