Can you make desserts without sugar, gluten and milk?


Needless we suffer any kind of intolerance to reduce consumption of sugar, gluten or milk. We can replace them with alternative ingredients to improve our health.

There are many people who, for reasons of food allergies or intolerances, for health or for weight control, have chosen to reduce or eliminate certain foods from your diet. The most common are sugar, gluten and milk and its derivatives.

In this article we provide delicious and healthy to replace these foods in our dessert recipes alternatives.

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The sugar white is one of the most harmful to health. Although classified as food, the truth is that it has nutritional properties, while contributing to weight gain and decalcification and acidification of the body.

However, a dessert has to be sweet, we propose search from the following alternatives to sweeten recipes:

Raw cane sugar

It is easier to replace white sugar, because we can keep the same proportions without noticing significant changes in the flavor option. We must distinguish the true brown sugar cane of white sugar that darken with molasses to it may seem.


This plant originally from Paraguay has a high sweetening power, as well as many health properties. It is one of the best options for our desserts, but we find stevia refined, transparent and tasteless.

As this sweetener is liquid we increase the amount of the solid ingredients such as flour.

Honey bee

This delicious and nutritious food gives us a lot of energy and vitality and increases immunity. It is a very healthy way to sweeten desserts and although slightly altered taste, sure we love the results.

Molasses cereal

They are very nutritious and rich in minerals, which are made ​​from grains such as rice or barley. However, its flavor is quite strong, so you have to use them sparingly or combined with other sweeteners.

Maple syrup

This syrup has a very complete nutritional value. It is widely consumed in the United States and Canada. It taste and texture similar to that of molasses.

Agave syrup

This syrup has a sweet, soft and delicate flavor that is ideal for all kinds of desserts. We could compare with blossom honey.

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Without gluten

Gluten is a protein found in some cereals such as wheat, oats, barley, rye or spelled. More and more people who have trouble digesting it, because it causes them to bloating and other digestive disorders.

Gluten is present, therefore, in flours of these cereals have discussed.

What alternatives do we have?

Rice flour

It has a good consistency, but we recommend mixing with any of the following ingredients.


It gives a delicious flavor to recipes. We recommend mixing it with others.

Ground coconut

The juiciness, fluffiness and natural sweetness to desserts.

Ground nuts

The most common are walnut, almond and hazelnut. We recommend use roasted, unsalted and ground.

Manioc starch

The juiciness and compact desserts, so we recommend using it in small amounts so that the result is not gummy.

Chickpea flour

Although we surprised with this meal we can make delicious desserts and also to allow us to reduce or avoid eggs. To prevent the dessert taste like garbanzo, we will mix with other flours or with melted chocolate Prescription type brownie.


Although not a flour, the texture of cocoa can be a good alternative for mixing with the rest.

Without milk

For people who are lactose intolerant or want to avoid this ingredient, the alternatives are increasingly as vegetable drinks are nowadays very popular:

  • Avena: Nourishing and consistent.
  • Rice: very neutral flavor.
  • Almond: Tastes great.
  • Hazel: Ideal for recipes with chocolate.
  • Coco: All products from coconut (milk, butter, oil, water) are excellent for health and give a mild, sweet flavor and tropical desserts.

When we have to substitute yogurt for an alternative without milk, we can use a soy yogurt or a vegetable cream, which are nothing but the same drinks vegetables quoted but with less water and more of the main ingredient.

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