5 tricks to wake up in the morning

wake up in the morning

Wake up in the morning is a tragedy? Here are some tricks and tips …

Many, in spite of the alarm sound of the alarm clock, confusingly turn it off turning on the other side and staying under the blankets.

Sometimes waking up in the morning is so hard that you get out of bed too late and are forced to do everything to run to get to work soon, ruining the mood throughout the day.

In fact, it’s enough to use little cautiousness …

The right alarm clock

If you’re struggling to wake up in the morning you cannot have any alarm on the bedside table, but you have to get the right alarm.

It will seem trivial, but people who often make it more difficult to wake up are those who have a shaky alarm clock that interrupts sleep and annoys them.

The first instinctive reaction, in fact, is to turn it off to find relief and turn the other way, delaying the raise from the bed.

You need to change alarm clock!

A good alarm may be that of the cellphone. Located a half and a half away, with the ringtone inserted in the volume that you prefer.

The phone should be positioned about one and a half feet away from your bed for two reasons …

  • To avoid possible damages caused by electromagnetic waves
  • If you want to turn it off, you will have to stand up.
wake up in the morning
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Do not think: Just get up

After choosing the right alarm, the rule is to get up.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid basking in the bed or postpone the lift thinking “still 5 minutes”.

I know, you’ll think it’s not that simple, but remember that getting up for a while will be able to do it all calmly waking up and doing the best for the day.

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Drink in the morning

To wake up well you need to drink fresh water to moisturize your body.

In addition, early morning water helps to eliminate toxins, to fight constipation, and is a real concern for the digestive system.

Do not give up coffee

For breakfast, choose between brioche, biscuits or sliced slices, but if your awakening is difficult you cannot give up a nice hot coffee or a great one of the flavor you prefer.

Have a shower

There are those who shower before going to sleep and who prefer to do it in the morning just awake.

However, if you are struggling to wake up, it is better to take a shower in the morning.

The shower in the morning, helps awaken, regenerates, relaxes, but above all makes it more active. The ideal thing is to do it before breakfast, give you wellbeing and above all you will feel very energetic.

Remember that waking up in the morning is one of the most important moments of the day that will depend on your mood and determination.

Trying to make useful choices to make your wake more enjoyable may make your day easier. TRY!

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