How do children lead a healthy and healthy lifestyle?

healthy lifestyle

Health is our gift. Therefore, it is necessary to protect and preserve it from early childhood by any methods. A healthy lifestyle for children is a fundamental factor in the physical and moral development of the child, his harmonious existence in society.

The main components of a healthy lifestyle are:healthy lifestyle

The regime of the child’s day is built taking into account his age and individual qualities. An educational potential is of no small importance. Read more: How to lose weight … snacking!

A properly organized daily routine must satisfy the key physiological needs of the body (rest, sleep, nutrition). Fulfillment of these conditions will result in the child receiving all necessary knowledge and skills in the field of health culture.

People are divided into owls and larks, which must be taken into account when determining the daily routine of the child. Raed more: The Perfect Teddy Bears Picnic

Sanitary and hygienic and environmental conditionshealthy lifestyle

Observance of personal hygiene largely determines the factor of a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary since childhood to teach children to wash their hands with soap before eating. This will avoid possible infections and infections with intestinal bacteria. It is also necessary to introduce the rule of brushing your teeth in the mornings and at night to strengthen them and protect them from caries.

The optimal air temperature in the apartment where the child lives are considered to be +18 – +20 degrees. Cool air affects the human body beneficially, making it stronger and healthier.

Clean room – one of the important conditions of strong immunity. It should be regularly wiped dust in all rooms. Several times a week, do the wet cleaning. Limit in the child’s room the number of things actively collecting dust. These include soft toys, pile mats, numerous shelves of bookcases. When cleaning the premises it is recommended to use new vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter. They effectively collect even the smallest dust particles, saturated with household allergens, microspores of fungi and bacteria.

Grow plants and flowers in the apartment. They perfectly clean and filter the air. Kalanchoe, chlorophytum and ivy ordinary absorb harmful gases. Sansevieria emits a lot of oxygen, ficus moistens the air.

Children play in the fresh airhealthy lifestyle

Fresh air and daily walks have a beneficial effect on the body. You should walk in any weather. It is useful to be in places where there is a lot of greenery, trees, and flowers. Noisy streets, gassed with harmful exhausts of cars should be avoided.

Sleep is very useful for a child’s health in the open air. For example, on the balcony, at an open window or in a stroller.

Movement and sport – as a guarantee of healthhealthy lifestyle

A sports lifestyle leads to the strengthening and healthy development of the child. Physical education makes the child more hardy and healthy. Physical exercises well strengthen bones, muscles, and joints. It is also useful for controlling weight and burning excess calories. After all, the modern way of life and improper diet do not have a very beneficial effect on the children’s organism.

There are many special sections where the child can regularly engage in a favorite sport. Classes in dance, aerobics, and gymnastics develop coordination of movements, train all muscle groups, form stretching and flexibility. Water sports are shown for hardening the body and strengthening the nervous system. Skating and skiing are useful for children who often get sick or have different forms of lung diseases. Winter sports increase resistance to infections, develop endurance and strength, effectively affect the activity of blood vessels and heart. Martial arts (karate, boxing, kickboxing, judo) psychologically temper the character, teach to protect themselves and loved ones.

Healthy Eatinghealthy lifestyle

In the diet of the child should be only natural products, without chemical additives. It is recommended to eat lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish dishes and sour-milk products on a regular basis. Balanced and healthy food has a positive effect on children’s health, allowing them to grow and develop normally.

For newborn babies, the best food is mother’s milk. It has all the useful vitamins and microelements needed for the body of a small family member. The diet of the mother should also include natural products, without preservatives and harmful substances. Until the age of 6 months, the child is not recommended to give additional lures. When the time comes, the kid himself will begin to show interest in new dishes. The first lure usually is special cereals, vegetable and fruit purees, low-fat chicken broths.

Proper clothes and shoes

It is necessary to avoid excessive wrapping of children. This can cause overheating, which is much more dangerous than hypothermia. It is necessary to put on the child the same clothes, how many on the adult person. For safety, you can add one additional layer.

When you are at home, the baby can be put on one sweatshirt. Walking naked is also not contraindicated. Children themselves prefer this option because they breathe skin, and numerous clothes are simply hampered.

The child’s shoes must be made of natural materials. She will warm her legs in the cold, and in the heat – cool and let her breathe. When the baby is only learning to walk, one should buy orthopedic shoes with a firm sole.

Hardeninghealthy lifestyle

Regular hardening of a child increases the resistance of his body to infections, strengthens immunity and resistance to changes in temperature.

Hardening can be carried out in two ways:

Quenching with water

The most optimal ways of hardening with water at home – a shower, dousing and wiping with a wet towel. It is necessary to start with a water temperature of at least 35 degrees. After a week, the indicator can be reduced by 2 degrees. Gradually bring up to 22-24 degrees. In summer you should swim in clean water. Alternatively, you can use a basin filled with warm water, where the child will dabble on a sunny day. Tempering with aqueous procedures has a beneficial effect on the activity of the cardiac and nervous system, of all internal organs, and increases the body’s resistance to diseases.

Air baths

This kind of hardening is considered the safest. It can be started at 2 months of age. The duration of reception of air baths is 10-15 minutes, with temperatures not lower than 20 degrees. Systematic procedures will achieve the best results.

Mental and emotional state.

The emotional state of children is largely determined by the psychological atmosphere in the family. In the future, it will affect his health. The main causes of many childhood diseases are negative emotions, experiences, and stresses, overwork and family troubles.

If the child at home is emotionally comfortable, then he will be happy, calm and confident. Positive thoughts improve the hormonal background, strengthen immunity. The child needs love, understanding, and care. It is very important to always support your children, strengthen their moral and physical spirit. Kind words, warmth, and approval are the basic factors of a healthy lifestyle for every child.

All parents want their baby to grow strong, healthy and smart. But this requires a little effort. Only if you follow all the rules for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can get a good result. They will help you and your children in the future to avoid many problems.

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