Plus Size Swimsuit Shopping Is Easier Than Ever Before

Plus Size Swimsuit

Traditionally, shopping for fashion items — especially swimsuits — has been a difficult endeavor for plus-sized women. However, thanks to the online revolution, it’s now easier than ever to find fun, gorgeous and flattering swimsuits in plus sizes. If you’re tired of the same old basic black one-piece swimsuit being their only option and often the only recommendation from many fashion periodicals, it’s time to start shopping online, where the selections and designs for plus sizes are more bountiful than ever. For those uncertain exactly what is classified as “plus-size” clothing, it is simply clothing that is made slightly larger than the average person’s size. This sizing changes between countries. Typically size twelve to twenty-four in the fashion world is what is called plus size.

It’s a sad truth that many fashion magazines and fashion personal stylists will browbeat plus size women with the old adage: “stick to solid colors and avoid patterns for swimsuits because they just draw unwanted attention”. This simply isn’t true. Patterns and solid colored swimsuits can look lovely on plus size women. There are now many swimsuits that have geometrical and floral patterns that are flattering and fun. Darker, solid colored suits do have a bit of a streamlined effect, while white or other lighter solid colored suits are also very stunning. Marilyn Monroe the curvaceous Hollywood actress often wore white in many of her movies and looked gorgeous.

Plus Size Swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits can look amazing on plus size figures. Don’t be fooled by people telling you to only wear a basic one-piece suit though. It’s alright to choose a one-piece suit that has ruching or cutouts down the sides, has a skirt attached or has some other stylish tidbits added to it. Vintage style one-pieces are also exceptionally popular in plus size because they are made to complement curvy or hourglass figures beautifully. Many online retailers — such as swimsuitsforall — cater exclusively to plus size women, which means there are even more styles to choose from.

Two-piece swimsuits are often said to not be fitting or appropriate for plus sizes. This is very wrong though, as there are many two-piece swimming suits that are a perfect match for the plus size woman. Halter tops, extra support bikini tops and tankini tops are a great alternative for plus size women than skimpy little bikini tops. The best bottoms for two-piece suits are high waisted with a vintage fifties flair to them. To get a better idea of the perfect combinations of plus size swim attire, visit and take a look at what the plus size models are wearing. Ashley Graham was on the cover of Sports Illustrated only last year — the first plus size model ever to accomplish that feat — and now you can look like her.

The most simple and quick method to finding a plus size swimsuit is to browse online at a plus size retailer like swimsuitsforall. Shopping at online stores allows customers to shop in the comfort of their own home. There is no pressure from sales people, no need for unnecessary travel and it’s a far more relaxed shopping experience.You can search for the particular style, size, pricing and color that you want and the selection is always going to be larger and more varied than a physical retailer’s. You’re more likely to find exactly what you want, as opposed to having to settle for a suit that just fits you but isn’t exactly what you were looking for.

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