Smoothies to purify the liver and lose weight

Smoothies Recipe

Few people know how important it is to have a healthy liver in order to enjoy good health and regulate the body’s metabolism.

According to the Canadian Liver Foundation, this vital organ of our body carries more than 500 tasks, including:

  • Fights infections
  • Neutralizes toxins
  • It produces proteins and hormones
  • Check the levels of sugar in the blood
  • It produces bile
  • It promotes blood clotting

One of the most interesting features of the liver is its ability to regenerate and purify itself; for this reason, people do not take care of it, until the first problems arise.

Smoothies Recipe
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The hectic lifestyle, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle inhibit the natural detoxification process of this important body, which has an influence on the rise of obesity and the development of chronic diseases.

For this reason, already several years we are promoting various purification techniques that help stimulate the functions of the liver and improve their operation.

Why drink smoothies can help cleanse the liver and lose weight?

The shakes are magnificent natural allies to stimulate the elimination of toxins accumulated in the liver and, consequently, to lose weight.

Combining the properties of certain fruits and vegetables, these drinks promote liver function and improve the functioning of the liver in the metabolism of fat, as well as prevent them from accumulating in the body.

What’s more, their high concentration of nutrients strengthens the immune system, provides energy to the body and helps to prevent various diseases.

Shake lemon, celery and parsley

The green leafy vegetables, such as celery and parsley, bring to the body important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that facilitate the purification process and inhibit the action of free radicals.

In this case, they join with a powerful citrus, lemon, known for its medicinal qualities, especially to purify the body and enhance its defenses.


  • 3 lemons
  • 1 cup chopped parsley (45 g)
  • 5 celery stalks
  • 1 L and a half of water


Introduce all the ingredients in a blender and blend for a few seconds, until the mixture is smooth.

Drink from two glasses, fasting, before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), for 2 consecutive days.

Papaya smoothie and lemon

Papaya contains an enzyme known as papain, which helps to improve digestion and promotes liver function.

Combined with lemon juice, you will get a smoothie detox, which helps to eliminate waste products of the body, in addition to improving the results of your weight-loss diets.


  • ½ papaya
  • The juice of ½ lemon
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)


Put all ingredients in blender and blend until desired consistency.

Drinking on an empty stomach for 7 days and stop treatment for the next 10 days.

The mix of carrots and kale smoothie makes this an unbeatable detoxifying, which facilitates cleaning of the liver and improves the body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

The cabbage is an ingredient that helps to protect the liver and prevents several chronic diseases. 


  • 1 glass of orange juice (200 ml)
  • 3 leaves of kale


Blend the two ingredients and shake well drink the cool, preferably on an empty stomach.

This drink must be assumed, as a minimum, for 7 consecutive days, twice a month.

Smoothie cranberry and beet

The shake of blueberries and beetroot is a powerful drink that relieves the feeling of heaviness in the body; it helps to purify the liver and also facilitates weight loss.

Its high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins stimulates the functions of this vital organ and, at the same time, protect it from free radicals that could damage it.


  • 3 beets
  • ½ cup blueberries  (60 gr)
  • The juice of one lemon
  • Cold water or ice


  • Pull with a centrifuge juice of beets.
  • In a blender, puree the blueberries, lemon juice and water, until the mixture is quite liquid.
  • Next, add the beet juice and blend for a few seconds all the ingredients.

To improve the results, we suggest taking this shake fasting.

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