How to turn your loved one’s ashes into jewelry

Losing a loved one brings sorrow and emotional trauma in our lives. But cremation experts have developed ways in which the ashes of our loved ones can be used to create precious materials. From the ashes, objects of our choice like earrings, necklaces bangles and watches are created to bring the memories of our loved ones in a special way through these precious materials.

It could be anything significant that can trigger exemplary memories of your loved so that you don’t forget him or her completely. Here is the process on how you can turn the ashes into valuable jewelry.

Step 1) Put the ashes into crucible

For the ashes to be used in making jewelry, they need to be heated to a temperature beyond 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that the crucible needs to have the ability to withstand heat so that the heating process is not compromised by the crucible cracking due to overheating.

Heat is necessary to ensure that all the components in the crucible oxidize to make the carbon pure for the next process of jewelry making.

How to turn your loved one’s ashes into jewelry

Step 2) Heat until you get graphite

The carbon, which is the compound that has a high melting point, should be heated until it turns into graphite. This is a process that takes two up to three weeks to ensure that pure graphite is achieved. You can identify graphite by its black appearance with whitish patches that shine from a distance.

Step 3) Mix graphite with diamond

In one core, you need to put the diamond and graphite together with metal catalysts. The diamond is usually in the form of a seed crystal. The metal Catalyst is meant to trigger the reaction between the diamond and the graphite so that a strong compound is yielded.

Once you have finished, place the core in a diamond press. Once in the diamond press, you need to raise the temperatures to a level of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, and this should be accompanied by a pressure of around 800,000 per every square inch.

The aim here is to obtain a rough crystal graphite that is ready for use. The whole process typically takes like three weeks because the diamond makes the compound hard even after catalysts have been involved.

Step 4) Shape your design

After the rough graphite crystal has been formed, you should then start structuring whatever you intend to make. Here, you use faceting tools to cut the rough crystal into your desired shape or shapes.

The diamond makes the compound hard, and the structures that you make are typically stable so that they can be used by generations to come without reducing in quality.

Experts such as  can add colors or other customizations to the structures, but this requires a lot of technologically advanced tools to do so without compromising the quality of the structure that has been created. Put in mind that the individual ashes determine the color of the end product though they can be modified according to your requirements.

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