How to be Coach for Your Kids

Coach for your kids

Would you like to be a coach for your kids? Security is a desire of all parents. Learn how to achieve these tips.

How to Be the Best Coach for Your Kids

Did you know that you can become a luxury coach for your children? That is, it can be a coach for the children and get them transformed into future men and women well.

The main objective is that small independent and autonomous early. This does not mean you will not mind us or that we will not deal with them, but if you ever give them more work to do for themselves. Do you think this is impossible?

Coach for your kids
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Well, actually, it is a bit difficult if we think that our children will always be babies and lacking capacities. Parents who do everything for them, give them all served on a platter and solve their problems; adults are forming then not know how to handle situations that are happening.

With the wrong policy of “no frustration” of children and not let them advance. Being young coach is to help them grow and increasingly fend for themselves, that still accompany every step to keep motivating them, offering advice and collaboration when something is not.

Tips for coach your children

According to experts in coaching (at any level), the coach should be responsible to lead by example and have experience in certain matters. Of course, because otherwise, how he could teach something interesting? Moreover, it is good to have a goal in mind; you can plan between coach and student. Undoubtedly, this will improve the relationship between parents and children.

Here are some tips to be a coach for children:

Assumes the position of leader: No dictator or head, the difference is that the leader came with your computer and sends the head and gives orders. At certain stages of life, especially adolescence thing they want young people is to be told what to do. However, if you explain the reasons or are next to your children at critical times, that may be easier to “make the case” or follow your advice. No senses indoctrinate children and mold them as we intend to be without first being trained. Remember that children learn by imitation rather than sermon.

Fosters their independence: The comfort zone that parents gives their children (always with good intentions), do not help to overcome and fend for them. So if you want to be a coach for your kids is good that instant in facing challenges and challenges on their own. Invited to take decisions, do not think about them, let mistake or to analyze the pros and cons of each situation.

Celebrated its achievements to be coach of your children: A good coach is present in every step of the students and is happy when they do well. Upon receiving a good grade, achieve something that was hard, get a prize or simply show that is maturing and doing things right, it’s time she will celebrate. It may be a movie, a book or a sweet. But be careful, do not fall into the trap of giving stuff all the time because in fact, the achievement in itself and should be the best present. It is also good to discuss together the non-attainment (better to say failure, a strong word). Ask what happened, what was done and what does not, how can act next time and what have we learned about it.

Listen to more: Another Tip to be a coach for children has to do with more open ears and eyes, mouth and close more. Pay attention to what they tell you; analyze your emotions, your reactions, your movements. Things do not always show in words, but in most cases with actions. Neglects mobile or TV when you are with your children, encourage conversation at dinner, sit in front of them on the couch and let them talk and tell what happens.

Be consistent with your actions: This means that you cannot tell your kids to do one thing and you end up doing the opposite. Remember the saying “do as I say but not what I do” is a bad example for your children. If you tell them you do not throw paper down the street and you do, how do you think that will act? Like your actions, not your words.

Help them when they fear: At every stage of life we have different types of fears. Children and young people may fear death, ghosts or thieves. The important thing is that care sits beside you, nothing bad will happen to them and that they can count on you in bad times.

To be coach of your children must start thinking like a coach, and at the same time as a counselor, while providing the support and love at any time.

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