No need to be a perfect parent

Perfect parent

Many times we worry about whether we are good or not educating our children and, frankly, do not need to be perfect but only sincere parents.

When you become a parent you want to give the best of yourself to your child that both adore. You want to give the best care to feel loved, comfortable, well fed, understood, not through bad times, and if you have, relieve her grief as soon as possible. Focus all your attention and energy to keep it happy and despite much effort and sacrifice, often do not see fulfilled your desire.

Perfect parent
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Then you ask yourself, what am I doing wrong? How I can do better? Start a search from educational manuals, magazines childhood, Internet where you can read what else you can do to make your child stop mourn all, stop being angry constantly, behave better, do not disobey So, how to be a mother or father more patient, tolerant, better mood … in short, you want to know what the correct way of parenting.

The perfect child does not exist and nor the perfect mother or father

But in the same way that there is no perfect child there is not the perfect parent. On the way to educate we encounter a multitude of obstacles that do not always know how to deal. Living with children or adolescents is tiring and put a lot from us: perseverance, courage, common sense, hope, joy, heart, etc.

As human beings we are, we do not always find the strength to be in good spirits and with enough courage to face a situation that overwhelms us. But you try to hide and not show these weaknesses to their children.

Children need parents who mistake or cry

In the process of educating you do not need to always know what to do or you do it in the best way. That means that there will always be loving, you will act with patience not always, not always have the answer and not always will act with kindness with your child. You can’t go wrong, you can have moments of insecurity and anger, even moments of despair. And that means being a person, being a parent.

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Show your moments of weakness before your child will be a great learning experience because it also has moments of doubt, sadness, anger, confusion and see it in you will give you great peace, besides feeling closer and warm for you.

If we want to offer our children perfect parents, we are asking that they may be unconsciously perfect children. This chain of demands usually offers a lot of frustration both parents and children by failing to do the right thing and not get the desired results. This chain puts a lot of emotional distance between parents and children.

While you’re thinking about offering your child the right way to do, you’re leaving to offer your heart and you’re letting your hearing.

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