Children and television

Children and television

He considers watching TV a major hobby and has a great influence in many cases, negative in the lives of adolescents and children. It is a fact that children everywhere are spending hours watching television. Upon graduation from high school, they have been almost the same time watching television classes. In addition, television can distract, serve as a source to get good information in the fields of history, geography, science, sports, etc. Likewise, it can be a harmful effect in the formation of these.

Children and television
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That precious time that elapses front of the television, is an important time spent for studying, especially for reading, for homework, deepen the scientific part, play, thus interact with peers, achieving greater and better family, and hinders social skills development and community outreach relations. These activities are very important for whole beings are made ​​for positive leadership so that they can serve their country.

Kids collect television much information that is not appropriate, healthy and must not serve them to achieve a bio-psycho-social integrity.

Most often found in these adolescents and children distortions between reality and fantasy, that is; to watch TV mature person manages to clearly differentiate between fantasy and reality; which does not happen in the case of children and adolescents, because they confuse the fantasy presented on television with the true reality of everyday life.

We see how children are influenced by an infinite number of commercial, advertising and idols considered true stars that have to imitate, they also want to dress like models posing television, dance and combing. Boys are given by left methods, put earrings, and not just the ears, but on the tongue, eyebrow, navel and others. The latter is characteristic of not only themselves but also for young women. All this is due to the acculturation of mass communication tools such as television.

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Some songs and videos bring lyrics, music and images that encourage young people to psychoactive substances.

There are also a lot of commercials that encourage smoking, giving a mistake that just get stronger and safety message; to consume alcoholic beverages, not health foods, such as sweets and chocolates, convenience foods, nutrients and nothing else.

The children who watch too much TV experience higher risks:

  • Do poorly in school
  • No devote to reading, research, do their homework with effort
  • Being lazy and do not engage in sports activities and therefore have an unwanted weight.
  • They are isolated beings, giving priority to television than any other hobby.
  • Not having good relationships with peers, parents, siblings and relatives.
  • Have little social interaction
  • Dijon into the background the good pastimes such as walking with children of the same age, play sports, learn new developments in information technology, etc.

On television the main issues is the aggression and violence, the presence of sex scenes that confuse children and adolescents. There are subtle cultural against certain racial, ethnic and messages. Find topics such as pornography, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol. These are all very everyday topics and abundant easily influenced the boys may believe that what they are seeing is common and for that normal effect, what they see provides security and everything can accept and take for their lives as normal.

Thus, TV puts children against behaviors, attitudes, feelings and behaviors that can impress and for them it is difficult to understand and prepare for healthy overall development.

However, not everything is negative, for this are parents who make their children get the most benefit from television.

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They must teach and do the following:

  • Accompany their children to watch programs and thus stimulate dialogue with them when they are watching a program together. This way they can grasp what perceptions are reality and know them better. Considering this point, watching television with their children help parents know a lot about their thoughts.
  • To be with their children watching television, should emphasize on positive values ​​such as friendship, collaboration, interest one should have to help others and is the right to correct information that harms their proper development time.
  • Before a program would be good to make connections with history, with certain books of interest and specific locations, thus enriching their general knowledge.
  • Highlight personal, professional and family values ​​and find that somehow the relationship with the program you are watching.
  • Ask them to make comparisons with what they are seeing and reality, to see if they have a good perception of it.
  • Select them appropriate to their age and level of development programs.
  • Must be clear how much time must pass their children watching television and enforce this rule.
  • For hours for study and homework, there must be clear limits, whether the site is chosen to study as well as the position and never allow watching television in those periods.
  • Do not allow children to watch television for long periods.
  • Set limits on television viewing time and if necessary, turn it off when they feel that their child should not be watching TV, respecting worktime, food, and other family relationships.
  • It is very important time parents spend with their children at mealtimes, because as a result of more women every day at work and the short time left to him to share with their children and the large number of divorces, those moments they are of great importance to increase family relationships. For this reason, at the time, should not be allowed to have the television on.
  • Family education to prevent children from viewing pornography, violence and other programs that affect mental health.
  •  Talk to your kids that programs of violence, sex and pornography that can be seen on television can be triggers for maladaptive behaviors.
  • Let them see that television is a commercial medium and may transgress the limits of morality and ethics. Raising children that not everything that is transmitted on television should be.

Parents are responsible for providing their children knowledge, guidance and judgment of reality facing the complex world of television. In this way, the children can handle television in a healthy and positive way that can give you the best benefits.

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