Teeth-Straightening Solutions

Having misaligned teeth can have a significant effect upon both personal and social life, undermining confidence and even preventing the sufferer from smiling. Luckily, there are a number of extremely effective solutions available.

Teeth-Straightening Solutions

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The cost of teeth straightening will vary according to the service provider and treatment. Booking a consultation with an orthodontic dentist will enable you to gain a better understanding about the different treatment options available and which are likely to be best for you. Orthodontic treatment is suitable for both adults and children and offers lifelong benefits.

Popular Types of Treatment

There are lots of different treatments available. Some of the most popular include the following.


Not using any wires or metal is one of the main attractions of Invisalign braces. As the name suggests, the brace is practically invisible and consists of a clear, custom-made series of gumshield-type aligner braces worn on the teeth. These are changed every two or three weeks as your teeth gradually move into the desired position. The length of treatment necessary is dependent upon how complex the misalignment is, but it will generally require between 18 and 36 different aligner braces over nine to eighteen months.

Invisalign braces should be worn all the time but can be removed for brushing or eating. They are currently the most popular type of invisible aligner braces available on the market today. An orthodontic dentist in Cardiff, http://cathedraldentalclinic.com/orthodontics-cardiff/invisalign-cardiff/ who offer Cardiff invisalign treatment amongst other services.
Inman Aligner®

The Inman Aligner method is very appealing, as it typically takes just 6 to 18 weeks for visible results. The brace works by positioning aligner bows at the back and the front of the teeth. A spring then gently pushes your teeth together, guiding them into the desired position. The Inman Aligner is not an invisible brace but can be removed for eating and drinking.

Traditional Braces

Metal braces have been used to straighten teeth for many years now and continue to work very successfully. They work by applying a steady pressure to the teeth, allowing them to gradually move into a better position. Very similar to lingual braces, they consist of outward-facing metal brackets. Although a very affordable and effective option, traditional braces are often the least popular solution, as they are very prominent on the teeth.

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