How to Fund a Missionary Adventure to Improve Adolescent Health Abroad

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A missionary excursion to disadvantaged parts of the world in order to improve the health of adolescents is a great way of leaving your mark on the world. But missionary excursions are expensive. You have to remember that it can cost thousands just to afford the plane tickets.

Thankfully, there are more ways than ever before to make this happen. With the guidance of this helpful site, you are going to learn how you can go about getting the funding you need.

Look for Support 

With most missionary adventures, there are organizations dedicated to supporting people. You usually need to join one of these organizations and prove your worth on domestic shores first. This is time-consuming, but at the same time it will give you all the support you need to make the most of your time overseas.

If you stand out from the crowd, there’s a good chance that the organization will fund your travels free of charge. There are strict criteria involved, though.

A Personal Loan for Private Excursions 

You don’t always need to join an official organization in order to accomplish the goal of promoting adolescent health across the globe. It’s just the most conventional route because most people agree that it’s the easiest way to get the funding necessary to make it happen.

Personal loans for private excursions can be used if you apply months in advance. There are many private investors who would be happy to make this happen.

But What if You Have a Bad Credit History? 

There’s no getting away from the fact that if you have a bad credit history you will find it much more difficult to get the funding you need. On the other hand, if you do indeed have a bad credit history you can still obtain funding through bad credit loan companies.
These organizations provide help to people who have a poor financial history. Rather than automatically rejecting you based on an arbitrary score, they will look deeper into your circumstances. Primarily, they will examine your previous pay slips in order to get an idea of how much you can afford to borrow.

Private Funding 

Sometimes the best option is to fund your excursion privately. This is the most trouble-free route. You can even team up with an experienced organization to help with logistics. Most of them will be happy to work with you if you have decided to fund the whole thing.

Private funding means that you have to have a considerable sum already saved up, however. If you want to go down this route, begin a savings fund now. Set up a regular payment from your main bank account to ensure that this happens and you don’t spend all your money.


There are still options available for people who want to make missionary excursions happen. It just requires some forethought and careful research to actually make it work.
Spend some time looking into your options. It largely depends on exactly where you want to go and when you want to go. Once you have these set in stone, everything becomes easier.

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