What Trendy Looks Like in Wedding Photography In 2016

Wedding photography, like virtually everything else, follows trends and fashions but while you want your wedding to be cool and of the moment, you will also still want to be displaying your wedding photos 20 years down the line. So it might that you don’t want anything too ‘off the wall’ so that your photos are taken down before their time.

What Trendy Looks Like in Wedding Photography In 2016

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There are ways to incorporate cutting edge styles and techniques without risking being dated in just a few years’ time. As with all elements of your wedding photography, discuss your thoughts and ideas with your photographer well in advance, and hear their suggestions, too. One of the easiest ways to update the look of the photos is the subject.

The Proposal

If you’re booking a wedding photographer, chances are the proposal opportunity has been and gone, but some savvier grooms are getting in early and asking photographers to capture this most magical, personal moment so they can relive it themselves. Especially when a proposal is unexpected, the expressions are wonderful when captured forever.

A New Take On Group Photos

In the age of the smart phone, everyone has a camera with them all of the time. We are always having our photo taken. But that can mean that fewer of us have ever had a really good, professional picture taken. Asking your photographer to take some portraits of your bridal party can be a really nice ‘thank you’ to your special people, who have doubtless spent a lot of time and money on looking their best for your big day, in giving them a beautiful picture of themselves to keep. You can combine your favourites of everyone into a fun grid-style montage.

Many brides are also opting to take advantage of having a professional photographer to get their own portraits taken.

Backlit Photos

If it’s romantic images you want, backlit using natural light gives that gorgeous halo effect. The light is soft and flattering, and best at sunrise or sunset. If this is the sort of thing you would be interested in, speak to your photographer. A good local photographer will know the local venues as well as specific locations at those places, so a photographer like Lemon Tree Hampshire’s Wedding Photographer is well worth a look at.
Day-After Shots

This might sound like a really bad idea at first thoughts, but once everyone has had a chance to wake up and get something to eat, it can be a lovely way to get some great shots without the pressure of The Big Day. It can be a great way to get some photos at another special location for you as a couple.

The Huffington Post has some more ideas about hot trends for weddings this year.

So you’re not baffled by some of the current trends and buzz words, Brides has a handy guide to some of the current ideas for post-production techniques, so you can be sure you’re getting a style you like.

The important thing is to be open and upfront with your photographer about what you want so you get the images you will treasure forever.

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