How to brush your teeth with activated charcoal to whiten

teeth with activated charcoal

There are nuances, knowing about which, you can improve the efficiency of the procedure very, very significantly.

Grinding of coal

Activated charcoal should be crushed as carefully as possible. The smaller the relatively large fractions remain in the powder, the less chance of damage, during the procedure, the tooth enamel or gums. Grind tablets, definitely, you need a mechanical method. Someone tries to just crush them, but, the ideal “tool” for this is a blender.

teeth with activated charcoal

Rinse the mouth

It will be best to use coal-based funds when you do not need to rush anywhere. Since its particles, after any of the procedures, can remain in the oral cavity, and when you talk or smile become visible, it can, in a sense, spoil your aesthetics. Well, or very carefully rinse your mouth with warm clean water.

In extreme cases, you can try to remove the effects of cleaning and teeth whitening with charcoal using your favorite chewing gum. Sometimes this also helps very well.


Brush for cleaning, regardless of whether you will only use the powder itself, or powder with paste, choose a soft one. We recommend you to read the charcoal toothpaste reviews. This will promote the closest possible contact of coal with the tooth surface and, at the same time, minimizes abrasive damage to the enamel.

If you do not currently have brushes, or you simply do not want to use it for one reason or another, then use your finger. Wash it thoroughly with soap and then, moisturizing with clean water, dab it into powder from coal and with light movements, like a brush, clean your teeth.

How often can I whiten my teeth?

Do not brush your teeth with charcoal, any of the ways, excessively often. Exceed the recommended rates (in terms of frequency) is not recommended.

With relative harmlessness and safety, coal, after all, can damage enamel if they are abused. The procedure can be carried out every half a year using soda or coal.

Do not use for the preparation of a powder-based agent from coal and toothpaste such a paste, which already in itself has in its composition cleaning abrasive particles? Neglect of this advice can lead to mechanical damage to the enamel and its systematic thinning.

Damage to tooth enamel – is it worth whitening?

Matt spots on the surface of your teeth – a signal to the fact that the use of coal, with a view to bleaching them, should be postponed. And if they appeared already directly in the process of its use, after its beginning, it means that it is better to suspend the implementation of these procedures and seek the advice of a dentist.

It is possible that your tooth enamel – is thinned, and you will need to strengthen it, including – by changing the diet and the algorithm for oral care.

These are the moments on which it is also desirable to pay attention. This will help optimize the bleaching process and avoid any negative, potentially possible, consequences. By the way, the latter should be discussed separately! You may also like

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