Proper nutrition, important tips to improve

Proper nutrition

Twelve tips that can help to change habits those have led to poor nutrition and, instead, lead to adequate food that makes you feel better.

It’s good to be aware of how they felt in the physical and mental plane. Decay, excessive tiredness or recurrence of disease, are indicators that may show a nutritional deficient. What you need, then, it is proper nutrition.

Check weighing earlier this year will notice the excesses. A simple blood and urine will be added. (Glucose levels, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, iron, etc.)

Proper nutrition
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Here we delivered 12 simple tips to help you have a proper nutrition if they finally decide to change habits to start feeling better.

1- Identify the source of excess sugar in your diet: Too much sugar can be one of the bad eating habits that most affects weight. Diet should be analyzed to identify commonly consumed sugary foods, from cakes and pastries for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to consumption of sweet drinks.

2- Diet free of trans fats: As is known, trans fats are the most harmful for cardiovascular health. The bakery, precooked as pizza, lasagne, cannelloni products, etc. and salty snacks include this type of fat. Should read labels and dispense products with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

3- More vegetable protein: Excess animal protein in the diet is very common and one of the causes of bone decalcification. A good option is to increase consumption of plant proteins through combining consumption of cereals and pulses and accompanied with a mixed salad.

4- More flavor, less salt: Too much sodium alters the functioning of the heart and circulatory system, kidneys, liver and bones.

Getting used to seasoning foods with spices and herbs is a healthy habit that will help reduce gradually adding salt, plus choice made with less salt or sodium products.

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5- Caring consumption of fruits: Whether to eat fruits as dessert or between meals can ensure 2-3 servings recommended. It is important to emphasize that fruits have diuretic quality, but not thinner; although they are natural source of fructose, a sugar that is should not exceed 3 servings daily.

6- Pan and integrated products is bread made ​​with whole-wheat flour is the most natural of all breads. It can be consumed moderately at breakfast. Also as a complement to a meal if the dish does not have other carbohydrates.

You could do without bread if lunch or dinner includes rice or pasta or vegetables and whole particularly if a diet is followed.

7- Seventh know the origin of snacks: One of the first changes after dieting is to replace the appetizer lunch or dinner for snacks that are considered healthier, reducing excess salt, sugar and fats of poor quality. All geared to adequate nutrition.

8- A handful of nuts a day: Twenty-five grams of nuts is advisable to supplement the diet with essential nutrients ration. Provide a particular taste and texture to salads, pasta, couscous, rice, fruit recipes and can replace a portion of meat.

9- Dressings with soft vinaigrette: Plug-ins menu, do matter. Sweeteners, dressings, condiments and beverages are foods that complement the menu both the sensory and nutritional.

Wine vinegar can be ferment too acidic for the stomach. Other vinegars such as apple and rice are healthier because they are not as irritating to mucous membranes. Add the right seasoning, without abusing the amount, and get used to the soft dressings can taste food in its most natural state.

10- Less coffee, more infusions: The state of stress, excitement and anxiety in which many people live is aggravated by the habit of drinking coffee at both breakfast and after meals or between meals. Some suggestions are called “coffee grain” and countless supply of infusions of tea and fruity and aromatic mixtures.

11- Avoid addictions: The balance of health is not complete if only improvements contemplated in the diet. A life free of addictions such as snuff or alcohol, among others, along with a healthy and balanced diet are the basis for improving the quality of life.

12- Increase physical activity: Walking, yoga, or other sport, will complement diet and healthy habits and will be the perfect combination to start a year full of projects and good intentions.

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