Three Important Considerations for Small Bathrooms

The bathroom may be the smallest room in most homes, but there are things that you can do to make it seem as spacious as possible. This could be as simple as keeping glass sparklingly clean and utilising clever storage solutions or designing the room to ensure you make the most of every centimetre of space.

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Quadrant Shower

This is a really versatile choice for all sizes of bathroom. This is because it offers plenty of showering space inside without taking up too large a footprint. The curved front makes them feel more spacious still, creating the illusion of your having a bigger bathroom than you actually do.

Sliding doors are also an ideal choice for showers sited in small bathrooms. This prevents your shower door from taking up unnecessary space in the enclosure or in the room itself.

Whatever shower choice you decide on, keeping your 8mm shower glass panels from the likes of sparklingly clean will also help to maximise on the space available. Being able to see through panels will make an area seem uncluttered and bigger than it actually is.

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Three Steps to Creating Your Compact, Airy Bathroom

Measure up. Accurate measurements are key to designing the bathroom of your dreams. Read more about measuring for interior designs at

Storage. Getting this right is key to making the most of space in a bijou bathroom. Consider having a wall-hung toilet to leave room for more storage, or how about a built-in vanity unit and toilet, which would offer you lots of storage space?

Illusions of space. Sometimes you only need to trick the human eye to make your bathroom bigger, as there are many illusions that will make an area feel more spacious, airier and brighter than it actually is.

Light is one of the key factors, as dark rooms always seem smaller. Try to make the most of any natural light source if possible and use light colour paint, furniture and accessories to make a room seem even bigger still. Daylight bulbs are also available to emulate the feel of natural light, and a good lighting plan can really make a different to the ambience of a room.

Mirrors are also a great way of bouncing light around and creating a feeling of space in a small room.

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