Blueberries, wild antioxidants


Blueberries are very few wild fruits consumed since ancient times because of its taste a host of health benefits come together.

What are the blueberries?

Blueberries, Vaccinium corymbosum, are the edible berries of a bush that grows wild in many parts of the world, although in some areas, for example in the United States are grown.

The fruits are white at first turning blue when they reach their ripeness. From July they can begin to be collected.

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Why is advisable the consumption of blueberries?

Studies on the benefits to the body consumption have shown that blueberries are one of the foods with the highest antioxidant content. This is just one reason why we should include in our diet eating blueberries regularly.

Properties blueberries

  • Its high flavonoid content makes them highly antioxidants.
  • Very rich in vitamin C.
  • Its high fiber content helps a good bowel function.
  • They help prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lower triglycerides and help control hypertension.
  • Increase levels of HDL, the “good” cholesterol.
  • They are effective to prevent some eye problems such as macular degeneration;improving night vision.
  • Consuming blueberries juice reduces gastrointestinal problems.
  • Prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Protect gums and teeth by preventing tooth decay.
  • Reduce the degradation of brain functions.

Nutritional information blueberries (per 100 g)

  • 30.1 Kcal
  • 6.9 g of carbohydrates.
  • 1.8 g of fiber.
  • 88 mg of potassium.
  • 0.5 mg magnesium.
  • 12 mcg of pro-vitamin A.
  • 17 mg of vitamin C.
  • 5 mg of vitamin E.

Blueberries are rich in flavonoids and other phenolic acids. It is also important its contribution of iron, calcium and tannins.

One of the most important components of cranberries is anthocyanins that are responsible for its color.

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How can we take blueberries?

Blueberries can eat them in their natural form, such as fruit, in the form of jams, juices and as tablets or capsules.

They are used to prepare desserts, cakes and ice creams and yogurts and accompanying jams, jellies and jellies are also prepared.

The leaves of this plant can also be taken as an infusion.

Differences between blueberries and cranberries

Both are very rich in antioxidants but blueberries are more effective in sight-related problems and cranberries in case of urinary tract infections.

Did you know…?

United States is the largest consumed blueberries in the world.

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