Food to Be Happy


Meet some foods to be happy, and be sure to integrate them into your regular diet to feel better mood every day.

Food to Be Happy

Insurance are already consuming some of these foods to be happy, but maybe not enough or in the right way. What you eat impacts heavily on your mood, and to strengthen or weaken your physical health, your emotions can also be modified through the menu to choose every day.

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So today we tell you some foods you should add to your regular diet to feel happy and full.

Foods to be happy: fruits and vegetables

In the list we include many fruits, vegetables and legumes. For instance:

  • Avocado: This fruit, often used as a vegetable, has antioxidants and essential nutrients to elevate mood and energy.
  • Chile: Chili Itching causes our brain considers that there is a focus of pain in the body (but not feel), which releases endorphins to counteract it. These hormones are what gives us happiness and sense of well-being.
  • Coco: rich in  triglycerides, coconuts stimulate brain function and improve our mood.
  • Asparagus: have lots of folic acid and tryptophan, substances that prevent depression and promote the production of serotonin, which stabilizes the mood.
  • Spinach and green leafy vegetables: are high in magnesium and folic acid, prevent insomnia and promotes wellness.
  • Legumes: Legumes generally have high levels of folic acid that positively affects our mood.
  • Lentils: high source of protein and iron. Prevent fatigue and concentration problems.
  • Blue potatoes: these small potatoes have anthocyanins, antioxidants that reduce brain inflammation associated with depression. They also favor the memory.
  • Peppers: especially red, are vitamins B and also help release endorphins, its content of capsaicin (which gives itching).
  • Pineapple: it is high in vitamins and minerals, and other compounds that promote the production of serotonin, calm the anxiety and relieve nervousness.
  • Bananas: contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements that energize the body and mind.
  • Beet: it is a natural antidepressant, and its contribution magnesium promotes biochemical reactions that increase energy.
  • Tomatoes: Lycopene are preventing depression, and high in vitamins that energize body and mind.

Meat, cereals and grains

Meat, animal products, cereals and grains, are also food to feel happier, like these:

  • Oats: for their B vitamins, prevent mood swings and alleviate physical pain.
  • Meat: beef and pork, pasture or organic, they provide many vitamins and minerals that promote the good organic operation and energize the body and mind.
  • Cereals: especially comprehensive, increase energy, reduce anxiety and prevent depression by increasing serotonin production.
  • Egg: is one of the main foods to be happy, because they contain B vitamins, minerals like zinc and essential fatty acids like Omega-3.
  • Mussels, algae and fish: they have many vitamins and minerals that affect the operation of the gland thyroid regulating mood and brain functions speeding.

Food to be happy: Sweet and tastes

Other delicious food, and sometimes little they considered, is as follows:

  • Chocolate: especially the black, improves blood flow throughout the body, including the brain, improving mood. Also prevents depression and reduces hormones and compounds that promote stress.
  • Honey: is a natural antibiotic that removes depression and promotes wellness. This is major food happiness.
  • Rye bread: for his great contribution of vitamin B, helps fight bad mood and energizes body and mind.
  • Pasta: they are foods with high intake of carbohydrates, which give us energy and reduce anxiety by increasing serotonin production.
  • Yogurt: Greek yogurt especially (natural) helps brain function, regulates nerve and helps us have physical and emotional wellbeing.

This list is extensive, but not complete as there are many foods to be happy you can tap into all your meals, whether breakfast, snacks or main dishes with salads and soups.

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