Fashionable short haircuts of 2018-2019 – the best ideas and models!

short haircuts

To some extent this is true, a well-chosen short haircut is able to visually rejuvenate, but if you think that short haircuts are only for older women, then you are deeply mistaken.

Recently, a huge number of trendy youth haircuts for short hair, which a woman of Balzac’s age can not afford, has appeared.

Take, for example, new-dangled short haircuts 2018-2019 in punk style with a Mohawk or short-haired options with shaved temples. Quite a brave combination, is not it? To see an elderly woman with a Mohawk would be rather strange.

Nevertheless, in the fashion of universal haircuts for short hair 2018-2019, which will be relevant for any age and fully meet all the requirements of women.

What female haircuts for short hair should be used by women of fashion who are ready to shorten their hair, let’s analyze in today’s publication.

Trendy haircut ideas for short hair – the most beautiful and fashionable variations

A modern look at a short haircut bob

fashionable short haircuts

Let’s start with the most popular short haircuts of the 2018-2019 season. Relevant at all times is a short haircut bob, which with the coming season brings its own variations of this universal hairstyle. Read more: 7 FASHIONABLE HAIRSTYLES FOR THE SUMMER FOR EVERY DAY

In the 2018-2019 season, such a short haircut will be fashionable with dedicated strands: an asymmetrical elongated bang that can be laid on its side, elongated side strands for which the flaws of the face can be hidden.

In addition, a fairly fashionable and popular lately is the graduated haircut bob.

Fashionable variations of short haircuts

best fashionable short haircuts

Women’s haircuts for short hair have their own trends in 2018-2019. This is the originally modeled haircuts, which have an unlimited number of performances, the main place among which belongs to the pix.

Of all the short hairstyles, the pix is especially versatile in laying strands and in the very form of haircuts. A distinctive feature of the noble haircut on short hair will be shortened strands on the temporal-occidental area, that is, your neck and ears will be as open as possible. Read more: WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BODY IF YOU STAND IN THE BAR EVERY DAY?

Trust professionals, stylists are modeling a suitable version of the pix for the type of face and hair structure. For a trendy short hairstyle, the pixie is characterized by an elongated bang that gives an image of elegance and sexuality.

Modern square for short hair

short haircuts of 2018-2019

Next on the popularity of short female haircuts 2018-2019, familiar to all as a penalty. Of particular demand among the fairer sex, uses the square as short as possible from the back and elongated from the front, which can be with or without a bang.

This type of haircut is called Bob-car. And the mentioned haircut on short hair is equally beautiful and stylish looks both on straight hair and on wavy.

In addition to the clarity of the lines and the smoothness of the cut of the hair, which we are accustomed to seeing in the classic version of cutting the square, the presence of a bang will make the hairstyle more mysterious, and the calibration will give the necessary volume to thin and rare hair.

Retro inspiration in short hairstyles page and session

best short haircuts of 2018-2019

We could not fail to mention also short female haircuts of the type of the page, having an equal and smoothly passing border along the entire length of the haircut.

However, this classic short haircut has found new solutions in 2018-2019. Smooth lines can abruptly break off in the bang zone, which may not be just flat, but also very unusual.

Outwardly resembles a page and a short female haircut Lesson, the main feature of which is a magnificent volume without styling means. If you need an elegant and feminine short haircut covering the protruding ears, you can not find a better version.

The creativity of short haircuts with shaved areas – cool options

a short haircuts

Confident beauties, ready for bold experiments with short hair, should try in the coming season super fashionable short haircuts with shaving.

As an option, the most shortened any area of the temporal-occidental zone can be hidden behind elongated strands and open only when laying the hair on its side.

Shaving a complex pattern on short hair is not as relevant as in the previous season. Stylists tend to simpler options for shaving, focusing on coloring hair.

Now a little bit about hairstyles for short hair. If it seems to you that except to make a styling, nothing with meek hair will do, then it is not so. You can arrange short hair in different ways, you can see it in the selection of photos of beautiful hairstyles with short hair.

The easiest way to create a playful hairstyle for short hair is to make it in grunge style, lightly tousling your hair and fixing it with lacquer. Light negligence is now in vogue. Next, try to make a hairstyle in a retro style, which is cute and elegantly looks on short hair.

If the length allows, short hair can be slightly twisted and gracefully laid on its side. Elongated haircuts can be braided and make an interesting hairstyle with weaving.

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