Choosing the Best Bikini

How to choose the bikini

We tell you what you should consider in choosing the best bikini for your body, and some tips to wear it better.

Choosing the Best for Your Body Bikini

When summer arrives, the pool, the beach and the time of choosing the best bikini for your body according to their ways, and the tone of your skin and the look you want to achieve. It is that, as in any garment, the swimsuit follows a new trend every year, and as always wants to be trendy, here’s how to do, while you make your figure look sensational.

How to choose the bikini
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Before the bikini, look after your body

Having the best bikini makes your body look better, but much more importantly always is well maintained and protected from the sun. Recalls the recommendations of the World Health Organization to protect from sunlight avoid prolonged exposure, use products with SPF 30 or higher, sunglasses and hats to shade your eyes, stay well hydrated and reapply the protective Sun every 30 to 60 minutes during peak hours or heat requirement.

Choose a bikini that fits you well, according to your figure, so this gives you the confidence to wear it better. Using it, you should be able to move freely without the fear that an item is out, or sets aside the notion of perfect body that you see on TV: You have a healthy and beautiful body, with its flaws and imperfections, you can wear it proudly by dressing a model swimsuit that highlight your attributes.

The best bikini for every body

Bikini for a bulging belly: If you have the bulging tummy, the little belly toned tummy or a little below the navel, the best bikini for you is to shorts at the waist. It also helps to hide the rolls. Nothing thongs low: the higher the better, and remember that the swimsuit one piece will also help flatten the belly.

Bikini for women of short stature: In this case, choose bikinis and swimsuits with picks and straps neckline or spaghetti straps. Avoid high-dug and also cut straight, to see higher.

If you want your legs appear longer, choose bikini panties high waist and dug outside regular pant no such models.

Bikini for women with big bust: For this case will be better bandeau style in a single tone, which dissimulate the front. The triangular shape are also useful, provided they are large and no fillers. Bikini bras with underwire and straps are best.

Bikini for women with small breasts: You can pretend feeling more volume with ruffled bikinis with padding, and triangular shapes. Straight also they serve, provided they are not smooth, presenting a cut or a detail to the center: the straight bandeau style bikini in one color and will not help you increase your breasts, while the prints will let you hide this appearance.

Bikini to hide wide hips: Select bikini panties straight cut in one color and in one piece, ie without bows, ribbons or details that bulge the outside of the hips.

Basic details to choose the best bikini

Remember to take into account your age, your personal style and your body forms when choosing your swimsuit. Crocheted fabrics models, strips, ribbons, cords and jovial styles look better in girls and ladies not. On the other hand, the one-piece swimsuit bikinis and planes, in a tone and classic, not favor youth, but they do give an elegant look to the ladies fitting.

Swimsuits can also be sexy: Choose bright colors for your skin tone, with details of transparencies or shine, and your swimsuit one piece will be much more special than the classic you would use to go to swimming lessons at the gym. The dark tones in general will help to hide the belly and bust, and the light tones will enlarge. The prints look best on thinner women, while the most plump pieces should choose one color.

Remember that a body without caring not look good, no matter what you put swimsuit top. Use protective sun always, eat healthy and drink enough water every day. And note these details for you to choose the best bikini to show off your figure in the pool or on the beach, at any time, and be the center of attention.

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