Fighting breast cancer, prevention is better than cure

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is growing steadily, with more than 45,000 women affected every year only in our country, caused by the drastic increase in risk factors. From recent studies it seems to be changing the age at which cancer occurs, with an alarming 30% of cases that occurs even before 50 years of age. The increase in cases and the lowering of the average age, paint a very worrying phenomenon, which must be combated through prevention, a practice so obvious and useful. In this case, the term prevention rhymes with mammography screening and early detection of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer
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The adoption of a healthy lifestyle

The risk factors identified from medicine are many and are divided between modifiable and non. Among that editable figure lifestyle, which it can and must be improved through greater attention to behaviors that can be harmful. A diet low in fruits and vegetables and rich in hydrogenated fats, trans and animals, together with the habit of smoking, physical inactivity and high consumption of alcohol, may significantly worsen the picture. Exercise can be a valuable aid, which contributes to the maintenance of your weight, which in addition to being an aesthetic goal, is a healthy choice that can ward off many cancers.

The clinical breast examination

The prevention of breast cancer should begin at a young age and should continue throughout life. One of the DIY methods which are becoming increasingly important and that all the specialists recommend to their patients is self-examination, to be performed with some regularity. You absolutely need to add controls annual breast at a gynecologist or by a breast specialist and complete the picture with a mammogram every two years, which is essential especially after 40 years of age. The clinical breast examination is a clinical examination effected without the aid of a particular instrumentation. Before the examination the breast specialist proceeds with the history, the collection of information prior to the diagnosis: cancer registered in the family, the age of first menstruation, nutrition, previous pregnancy and so on. The visit ends with palpation, performed in a similar manner all auto and seeking to detect any irregularities in the tissues.

The breast ultrasound

The breast ultrasound is an instrumental examination based on the emission of a range of high intensity ultrasound and low frequency, oriented on the breast by a probe, in order to collect images related to the internal tissues. Ultrasound waves are reflected differently from any fabric, so as to create an image that brings any alien formations and their entities, liquid or solid. The breast ultrasound is complementary to mammography, but the former is more suitable for young women, whose glandular tissue is more dense and therefore more easily be investigated. The examination does not cause any discomfort and does not require the administration of drugs, takes about 20 minutes and has no contraindications.

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